Weekend in Review!

You guys, this was the best weekend I’ve had in ages! AGES! So, of course, it’ll be wicked boring to recap.  Also? No pictures.

Friday was wicked busy! I got up early (especially for a Friday) and went to a yoga class from 6:30 – 8. It was, honestly, a bit of a disappointment. BUT, at least I was up & not lazing about, right?

Friday around lunchtime, I went for a run, and once again proved that I am faster than before. 2.25 miles of running, under a 10 minutes mile! (The first mile was about 9-9:20; the second mile was 9:45-10:10, the last quarter around 10 again).

Then, I got to have lunch with one of my favorite people! Yay for lunchtime sangria!

After that, I had just enough time to do a bit of homework before hopping on the bus & heading to brew review #23. There will be a full review soon enough (as well as a review of #22), but I’d like to just say that I have never had so many people show up for a brew review. So many people that we had to leave the brewery & head to a nearby dive bar!

Such a great night, though! I love hanging out with all my peeps from all the different areas of my life. There were a couple of people there that I hadn’t seen in almost a year (!), and it was so good to see them, too!

Saturday  was awesome. I did nothing. Seriously. Not a damn thing. I slept in (’til 8:30!) I read a little. Watched some Castle. Lazed. Ate pizza & went to be early.

Sunday I met my runner buddies for a quick run (2.5 miles for me…building up that endurance again). Again, all miles were under 10! (9:43; 9:53; last half at 9:57). After running, I headed out to Tanasbourne to return some stuff, and then accidentally bought some other stuff. The rest of Sunday was again, mellow. Computering, movie-ing, and relaxing.

So good, and yet so boring! I am, though, a little sad to be done with the weekend. However, next weekend is extra-long (yay for Presidents’ Day!), and then, the week after that? BIRTHDAY! Woo!

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