It’s time for a look at upcoming spring trends. A very reliable source (i.e. the first hit Google gave me when I searched for Spring 2011 shoe trends) says that clogs (specifically brass studded clogs) and kitten heels are the way to go this spring.

Nordstrom agrees with the kitten heels, and suggests that we look for floral embellishments on our sandals & some fun, funky details for our wedges.

When I went to Neiman Marcus to look at their spring trends, I was instantly distracted by the purse that was on the home page. I mean, this is amazing. I need this. It is the most…interesting…purse I have ever seen:

Alexander McQueen 3D Flower Knuckle Duster

You can’t tell me you don’t want one of these. AND, it’s a bargain at just $1,995.

ANYWAYS  – shoes!

Neiman Marcus, in addition to suggesting you carry $2,000 knuckle duster purses, also believes that spring trends will be flat sandals, the aforementioned embellished sandals & wedges.

Everyone seems to agree that the big colors for spring are beiges & corals.

So – enough with me talking about trends – let’s look at the pictures!

Seychelles Matter Of Fact

Oooh – beige AND embellished! Two trends in one! These are rather pretty, I think, but not as versatile as I like my shoes.

Vera Wang Lavender 'Elizabeth' Sandal

These are gorgeous. I would wear these to ever fancy summer event to which I was invited. I would have to, to justify spending $300+ on a pair of sparkly sandals. But, oh, I want!

BP. Platinum 'Medina' Sandal

Coral & embellished…and not my usual style. However, if someone gave these to me, I’m pretty sure I would find a place to wear them. (I’m not much of a pink frou-frou girl, but these are appealing to the softer side of me, I think.)

Bandolino Niceshoes

I like these. So much that I’ve actually featured these before. I also have a pair that is almost identical (purchased in 2009).

Stuart Weitzman Tassel-Front Suede Flat

I am not sure how I feel about these. They are coral. They are flat sandals.They are mildly embellished. But I’m not sure they’re me. Maybe in another color?

Unisa Ottilia

I really like these- simple & pretty. They are versatile enough to go between my summer work outfit of floral skirts & my more dressed down jeans on the weekend look.

Athena Alexander 'Gypsy' Sandal

I really like these – they are a slightly more upscale version of the Bandolinos, and just have a little more class.  They are not more expensive than the Bandolinos, though, so I might have to pick these up!  Perfect summer going out shoes.

And now, I need to show you the shoes I recently purchased.  Because I crave validation like to share.

BC Footwear Women's Afterglow Pump

Finally! I purchased a pair of red shoes. I had been craving them forever. I can’t really wear them yet, what with the whole “only four months post foot surgery” deal, but they are there, waiting for me. (Also, I got these at Nordstrom Rack for a little less than they are going for on Endless.)

Me Too Women's Leeza 2 Wedge Pump

Full disclosure on these: I purchased my pair at Nordstrom Rack for significantly less than they are being advertised for on Endless.  But – they are pretty cute, stable heel, and hopefully I will be able to wear them in 2 months when my time of no heels ends!

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