Not Dead Yet!

So – last week was, frankly, hellish.

This week is not shaping up to be much better.

I have a lot of things on my plate at work, and add in school, social engagements, and the need to exercise to try to keep sane, and you have a very busy gazelle.

BUT, I am trying, y’all (so Southern!) to maintain my good humor and remind myself that January is already more than half over.

This week will be the worst at work of the year; but next week won’t be much better.

Once we get done with January, I think I’ll feel like I have some breathing room.  Also fun? Once we get done with January, it’s my birth month! Yay!

As for the detoxing that I’m doing, it’s going fairly well. It is not perfect. BUT, again, it’s okay to not be 100%, right? Even a little bit helps.

It’s interesting as this week I am foregoing caffeine, dairy, wheat, and sugar. I had a great bean & bbq tofu salad for lunch, and dinner was a corn tortilla topped with greens, tomatoes, black olives, black beans, a poached egg & salsa. It was delicious! (I’m a little obsessed with poached eggs. I have them for dinner at least once a week…last week it was this:…it was AMAZING!)

I am also limiting alcohol, so that I’m ready for my booze-free week next week. (I might be cranky next week – no caffeine, no wine, and no cheese?)

So, posting will continue to be light, but hopefully it will also be lighter, if you know what I mean. No more depressing Wednesday night “woe is me” posts. That’s just obnoxious.

In February, there will be shoes! And another brew review! And maybe I’ll get back in the habit of doing my weekend in review photo essays! (I have pictures of beer making! BEER! That we made! With our own hands and pots and sanitizer! yay!)

But, until then, keep on keeping on….we’re almost done with this bitch of a month.

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