Can you believe it’s been two months?

Exactly 2 months ago today, I got my boot off.

Since then, I have frequently been frustrated with the amount of exercise I’ve had.

I try to remind myself that being as active as I am at just 3 months post surgery isn’t too shabby. I’m running (well, c25k-ing) twice a week. Yoga-ing at least once a week. I’ve been swimming and on the bike trainer, and basically getting some exercise.

The foot still doesn’t like to wear regular shoes too often. I spend a lot of time in my running shoes. So much that I’m pretty sure I’m going to need to get a new pair soon, even though they don’t have a ton of running miles on them.

The feeling is starting to return to my feet. For a long time, my big toe was completely numb, and I had limited sensation on the top and sides of my feet. That is definitely getting better, albeit slowly.

The scar is mostly invisible, except when my feet get really warm (post shower, for instance), and then it’s angry.

The swelling is definitely less – I can see a difference, even if no one else can (not that I’m randomly polling people for their opinion on my feet).

The only really weird thing? My toenails on my right foot aren’t growing. I don’t think I’ve cut my toenails since before the surgery. I’m assuming this is related to the nerve damage, and that eventually they’ll start growing again, but until then, it’s just weird.

It still gets tired easily. Today I ran, then walked to & from the breakfast spot, then brewed some beer. By the time I was done making beer, my foot was done with this whole standing/walking thing. I am ready for it to suck it up & just deal.

I am still doing couch to 5K (started week 3 today), but am quickly getting tired of this. I think I’ll try to get through week 4 of this nine-week program and then re-evaluate. Maybe at that point, I’ll be ready to just RUN!  The good news is that I’m getting faster…today, the running portions averaged about 10:35 min. miles, so I’m hoping that continues to get faster as I go longer!

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