Run Report

You guys! I have running things to talk about, can you even believe it?

Today, I started week 4 of the couch to 5K program. Now, when it was initially suggested to me that I get back into running post surgery by using the C25K program, I balked. No way was I going to do some beginner program! And last weekend, when I started week 3, I was all, “this is too easy, I think I’m probably going to just start running, program be damned!”

BUT – just as I was ready to give up, the program ramped things up! So, it’s working out.

I have, in addition to regaining stamina, been getting faster.

This week, however, was a struggle. I really, really ramped up the exercise this week. I worked out every day but Monday, and put a lot more miles on my legs than they’re used to feeling.

I added in a third run (woo!) on Tuesday (in addition to Friday & Sunday), and did two bike rides this week (one on the trainer, and one out-of-doors).

I also did one 75 minute yoga session that had some low lunges, although not NEARLY as many as last week’s class!

The result? My leggies are feeling tired.

Friday’s run did nothing to boost my confidence. I went to the gym to hit the treadmill because it was raining, and I was feeling a bit delicate.

I got on a treadmill that I swear was calibrated incorrectly. I usually start my warm-up walk at 15:23 pace on the treadmill. This time, when I sped up to that 15:23, I was jogging! JOGGING! I did all my walks at a 20+ min pace. And the runs? The fastest I could go without falling off was 12:45. Which is a little bit on the crazy-pants side. My total mileage in 30 minutes was 1.6. This after the last 5 sessions of 2+ miles.

I couldn’t decide if I was really that slow that a 15:23 was a jog, or if there was something wrong with the treadmill. While I was doing my cooldown walk (at a 20 minute mile pace), a woman hopping on the treadmill next to me & started a brisk walk. She wasn’t walking quite as fast as me, but when I peeked over at her speed, it was 15 minute mile…

So – I have no idea how fast or far I went on Friday, but I do think the treadmill was wrong, right? (RIGHT? It can’t be me!)

However, on my bike ride yesterday, I could not keep my speed up. I haven’t ridden outside since August, but I couldn’t even maintain a 12 mph average. I would like to also blame that on the treadmill, but haven’t yet figured out how.

TODAY, however, was a good run.

I tried not to look at pace, and just went with the beeping of my Garmin. When I finished the workout, in just under 32 minutes, Leo said my pace was 12:xx; AND, when I went and looked at my individual laps, they were as follows (this is so fun! I haven’t done a split report in AGES)

Lap 1 (Warm-up walk): .33 miles (5 minute; 15:13 pace)

Lap 2 (Run): .25 miles (2:18 minutes; 9:16 pace)

Lap 3 (Walk): .1 miles (1:30; 14:56 pace)

Lap 4 (Run): .5 miles (4:55; 9:52 pace)

Lap 5: (Walk): .25 miles (4:02; 16:11 pace)

Lap 6 (Run): .25 miles (2:23; 9:35 pace)

Lap 7 (Walk): .1 miles (1:30; 15:17 pace)

Lap 8 (Run): .5 miles (5:06; 10:13 pace)

Lap 9 (Cool down walk): .32 miles (5:01; 15:31 pace)

Overall: 2.6 miles (31:49; 12:14 pace)

Runs :1.5 (14:41; 9:48 pace)

So – yay! I did pretty well! And, I feel that this totally validates my feelings that the treadmill was at fault on Friday – yet another reason to avoid the machines, right?

Soon, I will be back on the trails. Running 10 miles. Actually deserving the post-run brunches! 🙂 I cannot WAIT!

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