2011 Goals

Last year’s goals were mostly fitness related. They didn’t go very well. This year, I am doing 11 goals (2011!), and I’m going to try to mix it up a bit!

  1. Run a half marathon by the end of June.
  2. Read 52 non-paranormal romance books, including at least 12 from my Nobel Prize list.
  3. SIRASANA! With no wall support.
  4. Take fencing classes.
  5. Achieve contentment with my body (which may be a combination of weight loss and muscle gain)
  6. Take a few risks that may lead to happiness
  7. Secret Goal that I don’t want to talk about
  8. Finalize my capstone paper topic and get ready to finish grad school!
  9. 5K PR
  10. Successful cheddar cheese!
  11. Eliminate all non-mortgage & non-student loan debt.

Happy New Year!

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