2010 In Review

GAH! The word that first comes to mind with the (now thankfully) past year.


Although it didn’t start off too badly, it wasn’t my best year. Running had a great start – January & February had some good runs & great miles, but it all went downhill in March when Damian emerged.

In 2009, I ran almost 800 miles. This year? I hit 300…barely. It was quite a disappointment all around.

The foot surgery and the pre- and post- drops in exercise really kinda sucked. I didn’t bike. I didn’t run.

I did, however, kick 2009’s swim totals. 2009: 18,990 yards. 2010? 60,130. That is pretty darn impressive. Also impressive with the swim? My first swim in 2009, my average pace was just over 3 minutes/100 yd. My last swim (i.e. my 4th swim post surgery) was 2.58 min/100 yd.  AND, at the height of my swimming, I was just under 2.3/100…so good!

I didn’t lift weights enough this year – barely averaged 1.5 sessions per month. NOT GOOD!

I did, however, ramp up the yoga. 34 official sessions in 2010, up from 17 in 2009.  I have a feeling that’s going to be a lot higher in 2011.

So, my official goals for 2011 have some fitness components.

I want to kick 2010’s totals in the ass. I would also really like to beat 2009’s totals, but am willing that to be plan b. 🙂 I want to average 4 yoga sessions minimum each month. I want to average 4 weight lifting sessions minimum each month. I want to up my workout times to an average of 50 minutes/day (2009: 48 min/day; 2010: 30 min/day).

Most of all, I want to have a lot of fun, regain my fitness levels, and spend as much time outside as possible. I want to go for a hike if the architect wants to, and not say no because I have a run on my schedule. I want to camp & hike & backpack as much as possible. I want to live this year to the fullest.

Other Stuff

Other areas of my life were a’ight. I joined toast & am feeling a lot more confident about my public speaking. I got A’s in all my classes. I am still employed.

I gardened & canned & made cheese.

I (or, more accurately, the architect) got our new master closet set up so it’s usable, and we got the new guest room all situated. We’re going to get a new mattress, but it’s already awesome.

I had a lot of fun with brew reviews, Sunday run-days, lunches with neighbors, and weekends away with the architect.

I was incredibly blessed; me & my family and friends are all healthy; and when I had surgery, I realized how truly awesome my friends are – they took turns Amy-sitting & bringing dinners over.

For 2011

I’ve already posted my 11 main 2011 goals, and tomorrow, you’ll get a peak at what I’m working towards this month, but what I want more than anything is for both the architect & I to find happiness & satisfaction with our careers. It’s no secret that although he is working, he is not architecting, and this makes him sad, which, in turn, makes me sad. I want him to find something that will make him happy.

Also right now, I am not happy at work. I’d been planning on plowing through until I was done with school (I love my 4-day work week), but I’m not sure another year of being this unhappy at work is worth it. However, unless the architect is actually architecting, I can’t just up & quit like I’d prefer!

So – I either need to find a new job (for us both) or learn acceptance & let go of what happens at work and work on finding satisfaction in other areas of my life, while at the same time keeping my eyes open for opportunities. (These two approaches are not mutually exclusive.)

I want to keep on top of my school stuff.

All of this comes back to making the best of everything and having fun!

Happy new year! 2011 is going to be awesome.

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