I hate everybody

No – not you. But you, over there? You are definitely on the list.

For some reason, this is a hard week.

And by “for some reason,” I mean, “for a reason that I’m actually aware of, but am not yet ready to share with the internets.” The only people who get to know the “some reason” at this moment are those lucky close friends & architects who are subjected to my whining.

BUT – don’t worry, I will probably bring you down by the end of the week, too, so that you can also be miserable with me.

In NON-misery-related news, I am on spring break this week (hence the light blogging, I’m too busy not having school work, not showing up to work-work, and not exercising at all to have any time left for blogging!). PARTY! WOO! Or something.

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