Brew Review #14: Mactarnahan’s

The night can be summed up thusly:

1) Great company

2) A’it food

3) BLAH beer

4) Decent service

Brew Review #14 took place at Mactarnahan’s Taproom on Friday February 5, 2010. I know that was over six weeks ago, but seriously, I didn’t even realize until today that I’d never actually finished writing this review. So – this should be great!

Present & reviewing: me (duh), the architect, Ms. Cilley, my kickass neighbors, my former office mate, a former co-worker of the architect’s, and A & L.

The architect & I ordered the double sampler to try everything that was offered.

And for the reactions! WOO!

Alehouse Amber

  • The gazelle: blah; ech

Spring Fling

  • The gazelle: ehn. (these are direct quotes taken from my scrupulous notes)


  • The gazelle: ehn. (Again! The passion this beer inspires!)

Draught Pale

  • The gazelle: ick
  • The archict: NASTY!
  • L: Pisswater
  • A: This reminds me of that scene in Waterworld where they drink their own urine.
  • The neighbor: it’s like drinking out of an open butthole
  • Cilley: Yucky.


  • The gazelle: Blech.
  • Cilley: it’s okay.
  • A: not good at all.

Snow Cap

  • The gazelle: not bad
  • A: pretty good (you can see that we were just relieved to have something that didn’t suck!)

Macs Amber:

  • The gazelle: compared to everything else, this is drinkable.


  • The gazelle: not bad for Hefe

Brewers Hand (imperial hefe)

  • The gazelle: surprisingly good
  • The architect: this is my favorite. Of the beers here.
  • The neighbor: I like it.


  • The gazelle: the most boring IPA in existence
  • The architect: it’s alright
  • The neighbor: it’s good.

I didn’t record any food reviews, although I did write down that at one point, the neighbor said, “You just can’t win with sausage.” 🙂

The food was fine. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t mind blowing. It was food.

I drank a pint of the Brewer’s Hand Imperial Hefe, and didn’t hate it. BUT, I will be pleased to move on! A couple of new “M” breweries have opened recently, so we’ll have to re-visit the “Ms” again, but for now, I’m moving to a new letter!

Brew Review #15

Date: Friday 3/26/10
Time: 4:30 – whenever
Location: Old Market Pub & Brewery
Specifically: 6959 SW Multnomah Blvd.

Old Market is a little stingy with their happy hour – it’s over at 5:30 on Fridays – but they have a number of their own beers on tap, and a decent sandwich & pizza menu. You non-beer drinkers are not left out! They do also have liquor, so you’re covered.

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