February 2010 Goals
February 2010 Goals

February 2010 Goals

But, as always, the recap of last month comes first.

  1. Eat clean & healthy 85% of the time. Foods should be real foods. Sugar, caffeine & alcohol should be limited. This is the chance to drop a few pounds before marathon training gets started. – SUCCESS! I did a pretty good job of this. I lost most of my holiday weight, and I’m feeling a lot more confident about my ability to recognize my hunger and satiety points.
  2. Wash face every night. – SUCCESS! I think I only missed a couple of nights – which is way better than I had been doing.
  3. Practice appropriate stress management. (Appropriate =- baths, yoga, meditation CDs. Inappropriate = drinking a bottle of wine every night, holding up gas stations, kicking kittens.) Mostly SUCCESS! I am in a lot better place than I was the last part of 2009, and although it was a stressful month (and February will be no different), I didn’t have any panic attacks and I didn’t knock over any liquor stores!
  4. Swim at least four times (once a week). – COMPLETE SUCCESS! I swam four time, and had a GREAT time doing it. I had my last two swim lessons and have now moved out into the independent swimming world!
  5. Finalize marathon tattoo design & get the tattoo scheduled. – half SUCCESS! I know what I want – but my artist is unable to tattoo right now due to an undisclosed medical reason – so I’m not sure if I’ll look for someone else or just wait until he’s better. I’ll let you all know when I decide!

February 2010 Goals

  1. Lose four pounds. I think this is doable!
  2. Hit minimum workouts: Six strength training, four swims, four bikes, fourteen runs, two yoga.
  3. Get new garden plot dug.
  4. Spring clean the crap out of my house.
  5. Have a super fantastic 33rd birthday.

What are your plans for February? (Besides buying me presents, of course.) Anything big?


  1. CilleyGirl

    Besides buying you presents, I think my February goal is to just take it one day at a time. After a successful three weeks of marathon training, my brain keeps saying “you can slack off now” and I know if I do then I could seriously derail things (one day turns into two, etc).

  2. adding onto the garden eh? i’m not going to have a garden this year, being in between houses and all. it makes me sad.

    at least you didn’t kick any kittens. no matter how much they deserved it.

    I’m glad you are able to handle the current stresses with grace and dignity. it takes a strong person to motor through grad school and working and whatever else you’ve got going on. hang in there.

    it’s going to be a fantastic february.

  3. Alisa

    I think you have very reasonable goals for Feb. You know your bday is going to be fab so that one is a success!!!

    I’m with you on the lose 4 lbs…doable totally doable.

  4. I’d wait until your guy comes back. Nothing worse than a permanently shitty looking tatoo.

    4 lbs – no problem! Especially if you keep up all that swimming! Nicely done.

    Good luck with Feb.

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