Training Goals – 2/1/10 – 2/7/10

The recap – which honestly is a bit pathetic this week. I have a confession internets – I have a really hard time making myself do anything but whimper and whine and wine when I have PMS. So, even though this week looks a bit pathetic, I think I deserve at least half of a high five for doing as much as I did.

Training Goals – 1/25 – 1/31

Monday: weights – FAIL! Instead I wallowed.

Tuesday: Terwilliger run – SUCCESS! I ran 4.5 miles (not on Terwilliger, but that’s okay) with a 10:07 pace! woo!

Wednesday: Run (3-5 miles) – FAIL! I wallowed some more.

Thursday: Swim – SUCCESS! I had the best swim ever! Yay!

Friday: Trail run (6-7 miles) + Weights – SUCCESS! I did a 6.25 mile trail run (11:13 pace, which if you take out the almost 15 minute mile 4, would’ve been 10:40 pace…stupid 460 ft elevation gain!); I also lifted weights, and my chest was so sore on Saturday! OW!

Saturday: Rest – FAIL! Instead I went for a 4.5 mile walk with the architect around Sun River. It was chilly but nice.

Sunday: Long run (8-9 miles) – FAIL! Seriously – I skipped my long run. I thought about it, but it was so icy in Sun River this morning, and by the time we got back to PDX, it was after 3 – and it was a gorgeous day. I took advantage of the weather to do some much needed yard work – cleaned up the flower beds, planted the last of the bulbs, and helped the architect transplant a pine tree that some idiot planted too close to the house. I spent about 1.25 hours working HARD in the garden…I know that I won’t skip another long run between now and the marathon, so I don’t actually feel too badly about my slightly pathetic week.

Six hours of activity this week!

January Totals
76 running miles – more than November + December together!

30.6 biking miles – WEAK! BUT, more than last January! (And more than December)

3150 swimming yards – the most since August! I hit my goal of four swims AND I graduated from lessons.

5 strength training sessions – definitely need to do better on this!

25.72 workout hours – more than any month since September, and more than last January!

Pretty good month!

On to next week’s goals:

Training Goals – 2/1 – 2/7

Monday: weights

Tuesday: Terwilliger run (4.2 miles)

Wednesday: Run (5 miles)

Thursday: Bike to work (if it’s nice) or swim (if it’s not)

Friday: Trail run (7-8 miles) + Weights (unless I didn’t swim Thursday, then swim)

Saturday: Rest (and by rest, I mean spend 4 hours planting trees)

Sunday: Long run (10 miles)

I did a great job of stretching this week (thanks in part to Jen!) and I want to keep that up.  I also need to figure out how to get in more biking. Too  many things!

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