The crazy that really…wasn’t (yet)
The crazy that really…wasn’t (yet)

The crazy that really…wasn’t (yet)

I thought this week was going to kick my ass, and I fully anticipated that my entire month was going to be full of the suck.

I thought I was going to have eleven projects due between now & the 18th of February, but they keep disappearing off my calendar (which is both good [less work for me] and bad [less money for my department]).

I also thought my class was going to be super hard and crazy. I think it will definitely be challenging, but I really think I’m going to enjoy this class (Creating Business Solutions through Technology). We get to create a proposal to solve a problem, and each of the seven weeks we do a little bit more with the proposal. We also serve as a consultant to two other classmates, so we get to work on both sides of the project!  I am really looking forward to this.

My biggest challenge right now is the protein thing. I calculated that I should be getting between 90 & 140 grams of protein/day, and yesterday I had a) protein-powder packed green smoothie; b) peanut butter; d) chicken (tamale); d) black-eyed pea soup; e) fish fillet, and squeaked in at 90 grams. Today, with my planned peanut butter (what? my unspoken new year’s resolution was to eat more PB), turkey sandwich & turkey burger + cheese & yogurt I am only at 82.

(Also, do not google causes of protein deficiency.) (Unless you want to know that protein deficiency is rare in developed countries, and is usually a sign of abject poverty or crash dieting. Neither of which describe me.) (Other causes include cancer. Of course.)

So – internets – since I am not poor, or starving myself, or cancer-stricken (one hopes), what should I do? Maybe put protein powder in my morning oatmeal? I am not a fan of stuff like that, because it has so many ingredients, and that is against my goal to eat real foods, but I also need to get my protein levels back up to an acceptable range so that my muscles can heal properly during my marathon training, and so I can lose weight (fat, not muscle), and stop shedding hair like a cat in August. (I just accidentally spent the last 20 minutes looking up shedding cats, then cats who throw up after every meal, then kitten pictures. I wonder if protein deficiency causes ADD?)

So, if you were protein deficient (which seems highly unlikely, since I am SPESHUL [protein deficiency also causes reduced intelligence & mental retardation, but I think that’s if you grow up severely malnourished in a developing country, and probably doesn’t happen with mild deficiency]) but also trying to lose weight, what would you do?

  • Stop using so many parentheses & brackets?
  • Start eating an all bacon diet?
  • Shut-up about the ‘real food-ness’ of protein powder & have some every day until the situation reverses itself?
  • Use google to obsessively self-diagnose, eventually triggering a nervous breakdown?


  1. Eliza

    Definitely add nuts as an afternoon snack!

    And what about almonds or almond meal instead of protein powder? That’s a little more of a whole food. Or a hard-boiled egg alongside the oatmeal?

    I don’t think the all-bacon diet is really realistic. You will need some variety, such as bacon-wrapped sausages. Let me know how that goes.

    1. I like the almond meal idea! And the hard-boiled egg (I just have to remember to make them – such a great weekday breakfast accompaniment.)

      I will take under advisement your recommended changes to my all-bacon diet. 🙂

  2. Other than the nuts, I don’t have a whole lot to add. Protein is my downfall as well since the only “meat” I eat is fish.

    Oh, what about greek yogurt? I eat the Fage brand and its chock full of protein.

  3. Wow, that’s a lot of protein. Even the lowest range (90g) is high. I think you shouldn’t stress so much about it. 82 seems more than reasonable. What makes you think your protien deficient? Maybe it’s something else?

    p.s. I undecided on wich 70.3 I’m going to do yet. There are some things that are up in the air for the month of August so I can’t really schedule anything and my hubby will be gone for almost the whole month of September so that kind of blows. I’m kinda waiting to see how August plans out…

    1. I was diagnosed w/ protein deficiency by my doctor – I never would’ve self-diagnosed that (so rare). 80 is the minimum for someone my height/weight/activity level, and since I’m deficient, I’m aiming for the mid-to-high level of intake.

      I have to get my blood protein levels up to normal by 2/18 (my next blood test) or there will be other medical tests, and I cannot afford other medical tests right now! I’m going to Europe this fall.

  4. Wow, that’s crazy. Sorry to hear that. I bought these protein bars at costco and they were actually pretty good (especially as far as protein bars go). They have 30 grams of protien per bar and about 290 calories so it’s a pretty filling snack especially at work. I hope you can figure this out. Good luck!

  5. Alisa

    I know I don’t get enough protein. I should have put on my NY resolutions that I needed to eat more PB.

    Glad the crazy hasn’t hit yet. I’m in the middle of crazy right now. Hehe

  6. i’m with you on the protein powder. i dont want to pay for it, or consume it as a non-real food, but so many other people use it around the office here and it is really convenient. still, no thanks.

    if you’re playing the 6 meals a day game like I am, try to sneak in some protein each meal. eggs are great for me. also, i keep powerbars and zone protein bars (ok so i will break from the whole food occaisionally) at my desk. almonds are fantastic too, i keep some in my desk @ work.

    i should also mention that when i took a lot of protein powder it made me fart so often and with so much enthusiasm that kelley actually considered running away.

  7. Hmmm. I would eat A LOT of lean proteins… (you’re not a veggie? are you?).

    No more oatmeal for breakfast – I would switch to eggwhites.
    Lunch would be chicken breast salads with nuts & cheese.
    Dinner would be probably more chicken breasts or tofu & veggie dishes.
    Snacks? Nuts, yogurt, this is where I might throw in a processed food bar (low cal high protein/atkins bar)

    Basically, I would make up for the extra protein calories by cutting down on carbs.

  8. That’s strange that you’d be short since most Americans eat twice what they should. I know yogurt (especially Greek) and other non-meat foods have tons of protein, so perhaps you could look into those. All bacon diet doesn’t sound too yum.

    1. I know! My doctor didn’t even believe it right away, and had me tested twice to make sure it wasn’t a medical lab error.

      I think the all-bacon diet would bet old pretty fast. 🙂 I think I will probably add more lean meats, and then concentrate on things like greek yogurt (barf), string cheese, eggs, and more tofu & see if I can’t get my protein levels back to normal!

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