The crazy that really…wasn’t (yet)

I thought this week was going to kick my ass, and I fully anticipated that my entire month was going to be full of the suck.

I thought I was going to have eleven projects due between now & the 18th of February, but they keep disappearing off my calendar (which is both good [less work for me] and bad [less money for my department]).

I also thought my class was going to be super hard and crazy. I think it will definitely be challenging, but I really think I’m going to enjoy this class (Creating Business Solutions through Technology). We get to create a proposal to solve a problem, and each of the seven weeks we do a little bit more with the proposal. We also serve as a consultant to two other classmates, so we get to work on both sides of the project!  I am really looking forward to this.

My biggest challenge right now is the protein thing. I calculated that I should be getting between 90 & 140 grams of protein/day, and yesterday I had a) protein-powder packed green smoothie; b) peanut butter; d) chicken (tamale); d) black-eyed pea soup; e) fish fillet, and squeaked in at 90 grams. Today, with my planned peanut butter (what? my unspoken new year’s resolution was to eat more PB), turkey sandwich & turkey burger + cheese & yogurt I am only at 82.

(Also, do not google causes of protein deficiency.) (Unless you want to know that protein deficiency is rare in developed countries, and is usually a sign of abject poverty or crash dieting. Neither of which describe me.) (Other causes include cancer. Of course.)

So – internets – since I am not poor, or starving myself, or cancer-stricken (one hopes), what should I do? Maybe put protein powder in my morning oatmeal? I am not a fan of stuff like that, because it has so many ingredients, and that is against my goal to eat real foods, but I also need to get my protein levels back up to an acceptable range so that my muscles can heal properly during my marathon training, and so I can lose weight (fat, not muscle), and stop shedding hair like a cat in August. (I just accidentally spent the last 20 minutes looking up shedding cats, then cats who throw up after every meal, then kitten pictures. I wonder if protein deficiency causes ADD?)

So, if you were protein deficient (which seems highly unlikely, since I am SPESHUL [protein deficiency also causes reduced intelligence & mental retardation, but I think that’s if you grow up severely malnourished in a developing country, and probably doesn’t happen with mild deficiency]) but also trying to lose weight, what would you do?

  • Stop using so many parentheses & brackets?
  • Start eating an all bacon diet?
  • Shut-up about the ‘real food-ness’ of protein powder & have some every day until the situation reverses itself?
  • Use google to obsessively self-diagnose, eventually triggering a nervous breakdown?
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