Exercise is HARD!

This week really represented my return to the world of working out consistently. I’ve done pretty well (as you’ll see with the wrap-up tomorrow), but HOLY CRAP am I tired! Between working (four whole days in a row! The humanity!), school work, and working out, I’ve been exhausted. I slept for almost 12 hours last night, and honestly, if I were a napper, I would be back in bed napping right now, instead of fitting in a quick post before hitting the gym for some strength training.

My mileage isn’t quite where I was hoping this week, but I’m not stressing about it, since I am just getting back into the routine, and although I’m not making the planned mileage, I am hitting all my workout days. I ran 3 miles Wednesday evening, and then a 2.65 bridge loop yesterday. And it’s really the bridge loop – or the preparation to run – that I want to talk about.

Yesterday morning, I had a doctor’s appointment. And it was awesome. I’ve been missing a good lady-bits doctor since leaving LA and my doctor there refusing to move to Portland with me. So, I tried someone new yesterday, and she was awesome! She is, however, really, really far away, but that’s okay, since she rocked!

Since I would be driving near downtown Portland on my way home, it worked out that I could do a lunchtime run with a new friend and her friends. I got to downtown about 30 minutes before I was scheduled to meet them, and scored a primo parking spot. I still had to change, however, and wasn’t sure where to go. There is a public restroom under the Hawthorn Bridge, so I decided that I could change there. I kind of wish I’d mentioned this strategy to ANYONE ahead of time, because every time I’ve told this story since, and mentioned that bathroom, the looks of the faces of people was priceless.

There are two bathrooms under the bridge. One of the no longer had a handle, so it was more difficult to open (something that had apparently been remedied by kicking in the bottom of the door and pulling it open with a foot) and the other had recently hosted a serious pot smoker. I was unable to get bathroom #1 open, so I went with pot bathroom.

Every surface in this bathroom was wet. Seriously, every surface. And, like magic, I managed to pee & then change out of my jeans & sweater into my running capris, sports bras & 2 running shirts without anything touching any surface in that bathroom. (Well, the bottom of my shoes touched the floor – I am not quite THAT magic.)

It was a  nice run, although if I meet up with them again, I think I’ll do a second loop – 2.65 miles is just not quite enough for a Friday run. As soon as it dries up a bit again in the spring, I’ll be back on the trails on Fridays, and I can’t wait!

Yesterday evening was brew review, and I’ll have that post + pictures up early next week.

Today, I met the Ambitious One at my old gym (my membership, although canceled, doesn’t actually expire until 2/6) for my second-to-last swimming lesson.  She’d gotten to the gym MUCH earlier than me for a swim, and then spin class, so that she could get in a workout before coaching me. It was pretty awesome, because apparently I’ve improved quite a bit, although my endurance has definitely taken a hit (and the fact that I’m still struggling a bit with this STUPID cough didn’t help). It was my first time in the pool since mid-September, and it was weird to be back, although I did (mostly) enjoy it.

When I first arrived at the gym, there were two women in the pool locker room – and both were a bit…odd. The first was hugely pregnant (I assume), and had apparently just finished a swim. She was fully dressed again, and was standing in front of the full length mirror looking at & poking her belly. She kept turning to look at it from different angles, and then would poke & pinch it. It was just strange.

The other woman was changing into her suit, and had the cap & goggles. I was trying to hurry, because the pool was a bit full, and I wanted to make sure I got a space before the Ambitious One showed up to coach me. Swimmer Lady went into the shower in the locker room, but apparently the showers weren’t warm. The pregnant lady offered that the shower out by the pool was warm, so Swimmer Lady went out there. She rinsed off just ahead of me, and then disappeared. I rinsed off, and got into the pool. The next time I saw Swimmer Lady, she was fully dressed & stomping out of the pool area. She never did swim. WEIRD!

I hope everyone had a great week!

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