November Goals (with the October recap)

It’s that time of the month again! The time when I determine whether or not goals were met & what I want to accomplish in the coming month.

So – to recap:

October goals

  1. Run a marathon. Don’t Die. – SUCCESS! I ran a marathon & lived to tell the tale. And then I carried my medal around with me everywhere for the next four weeks & made people look at it.
  2. Have a great anniversary. Don’t buy the architect a lame gift, like the one I got him for our 1-year date-a-versary. – SUCCESS! We had a great anniversary. An overnight get-away to Astoria, a trek through a couple of cemeteries, a wonderful meal last night (menu, recipes & pics to come), AND I got him two great gifts. The third anniversary is the leather anniversary. (oooh – dirty!) So, I got him a) a pair of good running shoes (with socks) that possibly have leather in them AND a leather bound hand-stitched sketch-book (that has a Pablo Neruda poem in it). I am a good wife. At least in that one instance.
  3. Relax. Be mellow. Start yoga-ing again. Or something. Seriously. Get a grip. – partial success. The grip is starting to happen. I am making some changes in my life that don’t affect you at all, and I think I’m starting to grip a little more.
  4. Get the house all ship-shape, including finally (seriously – it’s been 2.5 years) reupholstering the skanky-ass dining room chairs. It will take one afternoon. For reals. – partial success. The upholstery has been purchased. The foam has been purchased. The chairs have been UN-upholstered. The rest should happen today.
  5. Start the de-cluttering. By the end of the month, one room should be sorted for 1) keeps; 2) donation; 3) yard sale (thanks for the inspiration Jeep Girl!) – SUCCESS! The architect & I went through the bedroom & filled up two very large bags of clothes that we don’t wear at all. In addition, we started on the living & dining rooms, and should have those rooms + the kitchen done by the end of this month! YAY!

November Goals

  1. Get back at the exercise. Although I did run a marathon in October, that was pretty much the extent of it. I clocked an embarrassing 11.5 hours of exercise in October – over five of which was the marathon. That is pretty much beyond pathetic! This month, I will be back at it. I’ve started well – three miles this morning – and between that and the weights that I’ve committed to at the new gym, I’m back on track. Perhaps swimming lessons will start up again?
  2. Continue the decluttering – the downstairs should be beautified & clutter free by Thanksgiving!
  3. And speaking of Thanksgiving – have a wonderful meal with some of my closest friends, truly be thankful that this is all possible, and enjoy the time spent with them. There will be nothing to stress about.
  4. Make time for the architect. School is crazy. Work is busy (although, thankfully, it won’t be insane again until January). I have social commitments. BUT – we need time, too. Sundays in October are architect/gazelle days, and we are going to have some adventures.
  5. Get the garden ready for winter. This involves composting, mulching, planting garlic & some onions, and making it all sleepy. Or something.
  6. (I know! A sixth goal! I live life on the edge sometimes.) Make time for the Amy. Just because external forces are crazy, doesn’t mean I have to be crazy. I will: 1) have fun, 2) say no when I need to, 3) not make promises I know I can’t keep, and 4) make sure that, in this upcoming season of crazy, I stay sane.

So – lofty goals for November!

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