Training Goals?

Okay, people. I can’t lie to you. I have to make training goals, and I really like sharing them with you guys, because, October aside, I am more motivated to achieve my goals so I don’t have to write FAIL! on my blog every Monday.

I gave myself last week as the last week of the Big Lazy(tm), and true to the nature of the Big Lazy, I did very little. I ran yesterday. I did hit the gym twice to lift weights, and while there, ran a (very tiny little) bit on the treadmill, but that was just as a warmup.

In all of October, I worked out 11.5 hours. Which is not a lot, honestly. And I’m starting to feel it. I’ve lost a lot of cardio fitness since the marathon. Yesterday’s 3 miler was HARD, which is ridiculous, since one month ago, 10  miles was a “shortish” run. Even this morning’s bike commute had a couple hard spots – and this is NOT where I want to be.

SO, yesterday afternoon I sat down with my kick-ass neighbor to plan the week’s training goals. She promised to yell at me if I skipped any of my planned workouts, and I’d like to invite each & every one of you to do the same. The only acceptable excuses for skipped workouts are illness & death. (Once it’s December, cookies might be an acceptable excuse, but they are not right now!)

So –

Training Goals – 11/2 – 11/8

Monday: Bike to work (halfway done, I’ll probably get home, too!); strength training

Tuesday: Post-work run (it will be dark, but I have to get it in. Might need to dig out my headlamp)

Wednesday: Bike to work

Thursday: Off

Friday: AM run; PM strength training

Saturday: bike or swim

Sunday: run

I’m not going to make too many specific distance/time goals this week – all I want to do is just get out there! I want to log a minimum of 3.5 hours this week (that’s an average of 30 minutes/day). That’s definitely lowballing it, but since last week I logged 2 hours, I think lowballing it this week is a safe choice. The next two months are all about regaining & maintaining my pre-marathon level of fitness.

By January 1, I will make a decision about the next big thing. (I know – how are you going to live with the suspense for the next two months? I am so cruel!) I am pretty sure that I will not be doing a 70.3 in 2010 (although everytime I read tweets from her or her talking about it, I get all crazy-jealous & want to go sign up, regardless of grad school). (Also, my current class is kicking my ass; I have never felt so dumb in my whole life. The next six weeks are going to SUCK!)

ANYWAYS. I have no real conclusion to this post. So I’m just going to stop typing (and not include any more parentheticals).

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