I kind of hate today

Today is not my day. I woke up this morning, convinced it was Friday (my sleeping in day). And then my alarm went off. 🙁 Also, I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately, so I’ve been taking Melatonin on work nights to help me fall & stay asleep. It definitely helps me fall asleep fairly quickly (out in 30 minutes or less), but I do still wake up (albeit briefly) one or two times a night. I can deal with that, though – I’m definitely feeling more rested. The thing I’m not sure that I am okay with is the dreams.

I have always been a vivid dreamer. And I used to have a lot of recurring dreams. I have even, on occasion, been a lucid dreamer. But lately, my dreams are out of control! Last night, I dreamed I was competing in a triathlon, but it was 10 minutes to the start and I didn’t even have my race packet. Also, it was the middle of the desert, so I’m not sure where the swim was going to take place. Anyways, a number of things were going wrong – it’s your classic “not prepared for the test” scenario, I think. Except, that halfway through, Crabby (of Cranky Fitness fame) showed up to lecture me on two subjects. The first being the need to be more prepared in the future. The second was about lucid dreaming. Which almost makes sense – she had a post about lucid dreaming not too long ago. But why am I dreaming about dreaming?

ANYWAYS – reading about other people’s dreams is usually boring – and that wasn’t even a very interesting one (not like the French, beret-wearing carrots & red & white striped shirts [and little moustaches] that were chasing me on bicycles…one of the architect’s favorites, I think [I also talk in my sleep on occasion]).

So – what is the point of all this?

There really isn’t one. So – I’m really sorry if you got this far & expected more. I just don’t have it!

So – moving on.

I did complete all my workouts yesterday – bike to AND from work + 30 minutes of strength training. Today I have a 4:30 running date, so I’m pretty sure I’ll make that one, too.

AND I just want to close with a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout-out to one of my favorite running partners and all around awesome friend Sarah!

5 responses to “I kind of hate today

  1. I had trouble sleeping while in grad school too. I think it comes with the territory.

    Yay, Happy Birthday SARAH!

  2. I must be having loads of stress. Bub has taken to moving to Colby’s room during the night because I’ve been talking (apparently rather loudly). One night I woke him up insisting that he HAD to look at the ceiling, and then finally said, “never mind” and went back to sleep. But, Bub was wide awake from 430 on that night/morning. Oops!

  3. I hate when I think it’s a different day…always throws me off! I would imagine it would be worse if it happens before you even wake up.

    Carrots with little mustaches?? Sounds interesting to me…

  4. French carrots? LOL!

    I had a dream last night where a guy I had met in a previous dream showed up. I had problems with his phone number in the last dream, so in this dream I realized that and was trying to get it again. It’s nobody I know, no one I’ve ever met except for in my dreams. Weird, yes? I take melatonin too, maybe that’s it!

  5. Haha! I’m sorry but the dream about the carrots is hilarious…