Days in a row, that is. That is how many days in a row I have exercised. I think we might actually get to six, this week people. This is unprecedented! (Okay, it’s not actually unprecedented – before September, there were many, many stretches of 4-6 days in a row of exercise! And a couple times, back in June, I even went on 7-day exercise benders!) (June was a really impressive workout month. Check it out!)

Let’s just compare that to October, just for kicks.

ha! Pretty funny, right? November is already looking better than October, I think! And I feel good, which is a change from October as well.

I am not in as good shape as I was in the summer (through September) – YET! The bike commute is harder now that when I was doing it twice a week, but today was such a beautiful morning that I didn’t even care. I had a nice run with The Ambitious One last night – although it has been a long time since I’ve done hills, and I could definitely tell! Weather permitting (and looking at the forecast for Thursday/Friday, it might not), I’d like to hit the trails Friday for my first trail run since August.

I can’t believe I’d forgotten how good it feels to consistently exercise! I don’t dread workouts the way I was starting to right before the marathon, and I’m not skipping them like I did after. This is a very good place to be.

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