Days in a row, that is. That is how many days in a row I have exercised. I think we might actually get to six, this week people. This is unprecedented! (Okay, it’s not actually unprecedented – before September, there were many, many stretches of 4-6 days in a row of exercise! And a couple times, back in June, I even went on 7-day exercise benders!) (June was a really impressive workout month. Check it out!)

Let’s just compare that to October, just for kicks.

ha! Pretty funny, right? November is already looking better than October, I think! And I feel good, which is a change from October as well.

I am not in as good shape as I was in the summer (through September) – YET! The bike commute is harder now that when I was doing it twice a week, but today was such a beautiful morning that I didn’t even care. I had a nice run with The Ambitious One last night – although it has been a long time since I’ve done hills, and I could definitely tell! Weather permitting (and looking at the forecast for Thursday/Friday, it might not), I’d like to hit the trails Friday for my first trail run since August.

I can’t believe I’d forgotten how good it feels to consistently exercise! I don’t dread workouts the way I was starting to right before the marathon, and I’m not skipping them like I did after. This is a very good place to be.


  1. that’s a cool log feature! I’ve not played with it yet, but it sure puts up some purddy calendar graphs.

    So glad you’ve got your head on straight and are enjoying the workouts again. Knock ’em down girl, and you’ll knock ’em dead.

    1. – I log all my workouts there. In the actual calendar, when you hover over one of the icons, it gives you workout stats (how long, how many miles, how many calories burned, and if you track it – how many miles on your shoes)!

      I love it so much that I totally shelled out for a premium membership so that I can print maps & not have ads. Also, I am a sucker!

  2. cilleygirl

    Watch out — four days and it starts to feel like a habit! Been meaning to tell you, I ordered that book from my library and am anxiously awaiting it. Thanks for the read recommendation!

  3. Thats exactly what my October calendar looked like. Novembers a new month with lots of new workout opportunities. I think the time change really took a tool on me. I way more tired than I should.

    1. we kind of deserved a time off to drink wine (and/or eat ice cream as the case may be – although I am pretty lactose intolerant, so I didn’t do that), right?

      The time change hit me pretty hard, too – although I’m sure I’ll adjust soon enough.

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