Continuing the ow…..
Continuing the ow…..

Continuing the ow…..

So – yesterday afternoon & evening I was so sore that I could barely move without wanting to moan in pain. (Which I did frequently, trying to elicit sympathy from the architect. That mostly didn’t work.) I think it was my wussy weights workout on Saturday. Which was wussy. It wasn’t any harder than any of the previous strength training workouts that I’ve done since getting back at the weights a couple of weeks ago, and in fact, after the workout I was so disgusted with the ease of it, that I went into the computer program & upped the time I wanted to allocate to the workout AND my goals (from ‘toning’ to ‘strength building’) so that I could actually feel like I was getting something done.

Apparently just changing my goals on the computer was enough to make my muscles work harder, because DAMN! I was sore last night.

Today – I feel much better. My abs are still a little tender, and I have soreness in my triceps, shoulders & pecs. But do you know what hurts today? My left wrist. It started bothering me last night, but today it is super painful! It feels all carpal tunnel-y, which is weird, because usually if I feel carpal tunnel-y at all, it’s in my right wrist (aka the mousing wrist).

So – do you think it’s weights-related? A grievous Farmville injury? Should I go ahead & lift tonight & see if it gets better? Worse? I feel super lame skipping a workout because my wrist hurts, but I don’t want to aggravate anything. It doesn’t really hurt to type (unless my pinky gets all out of control & moves too quickly), but it hurts to roll the wrist around.



Anyways – in good news, I got an ‘A’ on my paper (and want to thank all of you who volunteered to help me with my IT answers – unfortunately, the answers have to be specific to my workplace network, since I had to commit to one network at the beginning of class. Had I known how much of a pain in the ass this was going to be, I totally would have solicited IT volunteers a month ago. BYGONES!) and am solidly into B+ territory now – and think that as long as I stay on top of everything, I could possibly end up with my class ‘A’ as well.Β  This week’s discussion involves the advantages & disadvantages of circuit switching vs. packet switching. Scintillating, no? The good news is I think I actually understand the discussion topic! I have five more weeks of this class left, including one more crazy discussion (about the internets! yay!) and two papers to go. I think the class probably won’t kill me – and them I’m on to better things! Like Creating Business Solutions! and Search Marketing!


Coming up this week:

  • Brew Review A
  • Anniversary Dinner Extravaganza (with pictures)
  • Shoe porn!

Stay tuned!


  1. If you were a dude there would be a good joke in there πŸ˜‰

    I hope it feels better. That’s so weird. I doubt it’s a coincidence that you up`d your “strenth building” routine and your wrist hurt. You were probably pumping some serious iron and our wrists are so small and delicate compared to the rest of our arms….? Maybe only do the ones that don’t hurt your wrist until it clears up.

    1. ha! my husband kept trying to make those jokes this morning, but it just doesn’t work so well with a girl! πŸ™‚

      maybe today will be lower body only workout – that’s a good suggestion. No need to mess with it, but I can still get the weights in. Sometimes it really does take someone else to point out the obvious! THANKS!

  2. CilleyGirl

    “A grievous Farmville injury?” LOL!

    I used to get soreness in my wrists from overusing my forearms (usually moving heavy boxes around at work). My chiropractor suggested massaging with very firm pressure the tendons in the forearms, kind of downwards from elbow to wrist. Hurt like a mo’fo to massage the tendons but my wrists usually felt better.

    1. harvesting all those crops can be hard on a girl!

      I am trying the tendon massage right now – and you weren’t lying about the “hurting like a mo’fo” part!

      I think I’ll just do lower body weights tonight & see if the wrist feels better in a couple of days.

    2. Also – I cannot comment on your blog anymore! I hope you don’t think I’m some kind of weird stalker, since I’m pretty sure I emailed you last night to tell you that, too! BUT, I just wanted you to know that I am definitely trying to comment, because I, too, ate moldy bread for lunch today – only I didn’t notice until it was in my mouth. blech.

  3. Hope your wrist feels better. Wrists and knees, man – you gotta baby them or those little twinges will hang around! Congrats on the ‘A’!! Your courses sound…boring but I hope you like them. I wish I was better at that stuff! My today’s goal is to re-write a business plan making it more real and less “fluffy” this time. Sigh.

  4. Alisa

    What is Farmville? Am I totally a moron?

    Lifting and being sore is good but if it hurts so bad you can’t move then take a day off. I’m a little behind so my advice is probably moot at this point. Crazyweights on Tuesday was hard but I’m not as sore as I was last week.

    1. I am doing just lower body weights this week & giving the wrist time to heal up properly. Of course, so far I have done nothing this week because I am lazy (or, as I’ve decided to phrase it – ‘saving up for the booty buster challenge!’)

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