Training Goals – 11/9 – 11/15

The week started out so well! I exercised four days in a row! And then it was a gentle sloping downhill from there.

Let’s go to the recap:

Training Goals – 11/2 – 11/8

Monday: Bike to work (halfway done, I’ll probably get home, too!); strength training – COMPLETE SUCCESS! I biked AND lifted weights. Go me!

Tuesday: Post-work run (it will be dark, but I have to get it in. Might need to dig out my headlamp) – COMPLETE SUCCESS! I ran, although it was pretty dark by the end of the run. Definitely need a light for post-work runs these days.

Wednesday: Bike to work – COMPLETE SUCCESS! I biked to work. And about halfway home. It was dark. 🙂

Thursday: Off – COMPLETE SUCCESS! I totally did not work out on Thursday.

Friday: AM run; PM strength training – fail…. 🙁 I got really caught up in my schoolwork and didn’t do anything. BOO!

Saturday: bike or swim – partial fail. I was, again, stuck doing school work, but after I finished, I hit the gym to make up Friday’s missed weights.

Sunday: run – FAIL! I did not run. People, I hurt so bad from Saturday’s weights that moving is painful. I did go out & do a little gardening, but quick movements that involve either my upper or lower body made me want to cry. Perhaps I pushed it a bit too hard in the weight room.  Oops!

I did, however, make my minimum goal of 3.5 hours of exercise for the week – and, without even counting the gardening, actually did 5.5 hours of exercise – so I do consider the week an overall success!

And – now for next week:

Training Goals 11/9 – 11/15

Monday: Weights, maybe some yoga.

Tuesday: Bike to work.

Wednesday: Run

Thursday: Off

Friday: Run; Weights

Saturday: Bike and/or swim

Sunday: Run

This week’s goal is just to match the 5.5 hours of working out I had last week. Soon, I’ll get back to my 9-10 hours/week! 🙂

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