Maybe a box of kittens is more accurate

I am feeling a bit better about my own brains today. I aced this week’s quiz, redeeming myself from last week’s failure. For my class, I am supposed to have recruited assistance from the IT department at my organization. Which I did. I recruited, he agreed, I told him the dates of the class, and then he apparently went on vacation or something – so I’ve been on my own the past two weeks – trying to answer questions I barely understand. So, it’s been rough. Also, I really think it sucks to have a class that causes one to rely on the good graces of an outside party who might be completely disinterested in my education and grade.

BUT – anyways, provided that my paper I turned in today didn’t suck, I will have at least redeemed myself back up into a passing grade for the class. Which is good.

4 responses to “Maybe a box of kittens is more accurate

  1. Hang in there. You don’t suck. :o)

  2. ohh I might be able to answer some things depending on what IT areas you are in!! good luck!

  3. feel free to email me any questions you need an IT guy for. You know i’m always here to help.

  4. I don’t know a thing about IT but I know a lot about kittens! They are fuzzy and vair vair cute. What was the question? 😀 (Good luck on that paper. Maybe you’ll ace it if you distract the prof with a kitty?)