So many stories!
So many stories!

So many stories!

Can’t remember a single one of them. At least three times yesterday, something happened that made me say, “ooh – I need to blog about that.”

Today, I have no idea what those very exciting (possibly earth-shattering!) stories are. Dammit.

I am still not completely recovered from the sick. Exertion tends to elevate my heartrate to unacceptable & uncomfortable levels. BUT- I did bike to & from work yesterday (full disclosure – I took MAX 4 stops to avoid the big-ass hill so that I wouldn’t have a heart attack).

Maybe I will eventually remember some of those super awesome stories. Or not. But – as a special treat if you come back tomorrow – it is the return of the SHOE PORN!

Happy Tuesday.


  1. I do that all the time. Plus, I’ll get done with a post and an hour later say, “oh crap, I wanted to metion that.” We should keep a pen and paper handy so we can write this stuff down throughout the day!

  2. seriously i kind of wish I could carry around a voice recorder for my ideas and then jus thave them flow on to the page…of course with all the images and everything that I desire

    hope you feel even better today!

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