Training Goals 10/19 – 10/25
Training Goals 10/19 – 10/25

Training Goals 10/19 – 10/25

The recap is pretty weak. I was sick much of the week, and even missed 1.5 days of work.

Training Goals 10/12 – 10/18

Monday: Run 2-3 miles with the architect – FAIL!

Tuesday: Weights/yoga – FAIL!

Wednesday/Thursday: Bike to work at least one of those days. – FAIL!

Friday: Easy 3-4 miles in the morning, weights in the afternoon. – Half SUCCESS! I ran 3 miles!

Saturday: Bike 20ish miles, swim 30 minutes – FAIL!

Sunday: Easy 4-5 mile run. – Well, I did run. 2.5 miles. I don’t think my body has completely recovered from the exciting combo of marathon + sick. My quads hurt AND my lungs hurt. So – I cut it short.

Training Goals 10/19 – 10/25

Monday: Bike to work

Tuesday: Run 3-4 miles

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: Bike to work

Friday: Run 3-4 miles

Saturday: Swim (lessons, maybe?)

Sunday: Run 4-5 miles.

I decided to NOT do the 5K race coming up next Sunday. I’m just not in a place to race, and I don’t want to pay money to go out for a 5K run. I do want to do one more timed 5K this year, but I need a little more time to recover & get back into shape.

In other training news, I met with my nutritionist on Friday, and we made an eating plan for me to start losing that weight. She did mention that one of the biggest inhibitors to losing belly fat (which is where I carry most of my extra weight) is stress! Although you can’t spot-lose, staying stress-free (which I haven’t been doing well lately) definitely helps control the belly fat. Ways to stay stress-free involve lots of things I can’t control, but apparently consuming at least 2 meals with Omega-3’s a week can also help. So – I will be having my once/week tuna AND this week, I bought salmon. I do not like salmon, so any guaranteed delicious recipes would be fantastic.

Other things that I am doing is, instead of counting calories, counting servings per food group. I get 6 grains, 5 protein, 5 veggie, 3 fruit, 3 dairy, 5 fats, and 150 calories of “extras” (i.e. full-fat cheese, beer, etc.). How am I doing?  you might ask. Today I had 1 fruit, 3 veggies, 3 grain, 3 protein, 2 dairy & 2 oils. I did manage to get my “extra” beer in though. I definitely have some work to do. One thing that I’m going to have to be better at is menu planning & making my lunch the night before (which I have already done today). Not only will this help me nutritionally, it should also reduce stress & save money – both of which are excellent benefits.

My goal is to lose between 1 – 1.5 lbs/week for the next 10-15 weeks (although last night I dreamed that I weighed 115 lbs, and that was kind of cool, if a bit unrealistic). Ideally I will hit my goal weight by about the beginning of February – just in time to start some possible training.


  1. Jen

    I’m not surprised you are still feeling sore from the marathon- it can take a few weeks to fully recover! Especially since you were sick, your recovery might be longer. Try to get out and move but don’t push it too much. Probably a good idea to pass on the 5k.

    Good luck with your nutrition and weight loss goals! I have been trying to eat more fish too. Salmon is ok but I find you can do more interesting stuff with white fish since the flavor isn’t as strong.

    1. I agree about the white fish – and have been working really hard at getting my once a week fish with those, but I know that the fattier fishes (salmon, tuna) have more Omega 3’s – so I thought I’d give it another go. We’ll see how that works out, because I really don’t like FISHY fish….I’ll do a status update! 🙂

      I really am surprised at how long it’s taking me to recover. For some reason, I thought that I would magically bounce back. Apparently, I am not made of magic. which is a bummer.

  2. yes yes yes to counting servings!! I think it’s made such a difference for me lately! I am having to work at planning ahead for veggies, but so far it’s going well.

    Hope your body is starting to bounce back and feel better today

    1. Fruits & veggies are a definitely weak spot. I planned all my meals this week, including snacks, just to make sure that I was planning for fruit. I find it difficult because my favorite fruit – the banana – comes from Peru right now, and then I have shipping guilt. I wish I liked apples more! There are TONS of those here! 🙂

  3. I know you can do that. Your a driven person when you have a goal!

    I love meal planning. I do it for a week at a time. I line up my dinners according to my workouts (mostly for my running group which is in the evening), but also because I hate going to the grocery every day and belive it or not it kinda makes me uneasy to not know what I’m having for dinner. Is that wierd? I set it up like this:


    and then I input my planned workouts and where they will fall in my day. Like swimming in the morning before breakfast etc….I totally helps me stay organized and admittedly I get a little streesed out when I don’t have my meal plan up on the fridge. Also it helps me get my luch together in a flash because I just look at my meal plan and grab the goods. It sounds like a lot of work, but I love food and even thinking about food makes me happy so sitting down once or twice a week to plan out the follwoing days is entertaining.

    I hope you get your routine figured out. I LOVE salmon and the only recipie I have is salt, pepper, evoo, grill. Hope you find something that you like.

    1. I spent yesterday doing an entire week’s menu (including my twice daily snacks) & then grocery shopping. I think it will definitely be a money saver!

      I know everything works better when I plan the menus ahead of time (plus then I get leftovers!), and don’t know why I don’t always. I LIKE knowing what’s for dinner tonight & also find it stressful if there isn’t a plan!

    1. Now that I’m not running eleventy hundred miles a week (or, you know, 30) I definitely need to watch the portions. I probably don’t deserve cheeseburgers and beers after a 3 mile run! 🙂

  4. Alisa

    Fish is great once you find recipes you like. I hated salmon until my friend in college BBQ’d it with this asian sauce- delicious!

    I think losing some poundage is totally doable! (Not that I think you need it, I still am so amazed by your life transformation.)

    Not sure what the plans are for Saturday for us, I’m going to email the group about the Maze stuff. I have come down with a cold too so I’m not sure what I’ll be up to this week but if I’m feeling a-okay by Saturday we can schedule a swim lesson.

  5. Eliza

    Do you do flax seeds for omega-3s? The Kitchn just had an article on them. I do flax seeds in hot cereal or on yogurt for breakfast a lot. I’ve also tried baking them into muffins as an egg substitute and… well, I did that wrong. Those muffins could have sank a ship.

  6. Do you have a recipe that uses eggplant as a substitute for beef? I have found that my family cannot tell the difference, so whenever a meal calls for beef I substitute eggplant for it. Much healthier, and they have yet to catch on. Sneaky, eh? Oh well, what they don’t know won’t hurt them. Thanks for this great site, I’ll bookmark it and come back regularly. Please take a look at my recipe web site at Bon appetit!

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