Possible Good News

It seems that, just perhaps, some of my feeling bad was due to not exercising instead of the other way around. I had a great weights workout tonight (at my fancy pants new gym where I saw my neighbor AND my cousin).

I ran 1/2 mile tonight, as well. Without any physical discomfort. The 1/2 mile was just my cardio warm-up for the main event (weights!), but it was kinda nice. I might have to try that running thing again.

Fingers crossed that the worst is behind me.

4 responses to “Possible Good News

  1. I’m crossing my fingers for you as well!

  2. Our new gym rules! That is all.

  3. You know I often find that working out makes me feel better, so fingers crossed that does it for you!!!

  4. Boo to this new gym b/c that means no old gym!