Product Review – POM Wonderful juices

This is a bit on the late side, but I definitely wanted to get it in.

Perhaps you remember my review of POM back in July.  If you don’t want to go read it, the gist is “I love it and want to marry it and have it’s pomegranate babies.”

Not long after that, I received another shipment of POM Wonderful beverages. These were iced coffee drinks with anti-oxidants or something. These I did not love, but I didn’t really want to say anything, because I love the company so much. They left a weird aftertaste in my mouth – much like the aftertaste I get from things like Cool Whip & other fake foods. However, I did use the last one in a smoothie, and that was quite delicious.

Apparently my lack of review did not completely anger the super people at POM, because about a month ago, I got more stuff! This time, it was some mixed juices – a pomegranate kiwi and a pomegranate nectarine. They were in slightly larger bottles, so I shared with the architect.

He loved the juices. A lot. I enjoyed them thoroughly. Not as much as he did, though. I think I prefer the original POM.

However, I was SO INSPIRED by these wonderful juices (which really were good, even if they didn’t quite measure up to the wonderful-ness of the first POM Wonderful I tried) that I actually went out and bought an actual pomegranate.

Fortunately, there are instructions on the website so when I get brave enough to eat it, I can figure out exactly how to do that.

In conclusion – POM is a great company (especially Janny!) and I love their juices. And hopefully I love the fruit, too, and it isn’t too intimidating!

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