Brew Review #9 & #10
Brew Review #9 & #10

Brew Review #9 & #10

I have really fallen off my regular brew review posting habits.

Brew Review #9 – Lucky Lab (August 28, 2009, aka “a really long-ass time ago”)

This was the largest brew review crowd ever! It was so much fun. A lot of my PBRs were there (some of them even ran to the bar, they are that hardcore). The food was decent (I had a couple of pieces of pizza), and there were a number of beer choices (I love that about Lucky Lab – so many beers).

I started out with the sampler tray, which had the following:

  • Red Baron – average, tasty, nothing special
  • Summit IPA – not hoppy enough! okay, again, nothing special
  • Reggie’s Red – pretty good – better on nitro
  • Super Dog – 5 stars! best beer on the tray
  • Alt – I didn’t like this at all!
  • Maibock – pretty damn good.

I also tried a couple of other beers off of Mr. Pi’s sampler tray:

  • Bourbon Baron – 3 thumbs up! (for some reason, the Red Baron aged in the bourbon casks was awesome!)
  • Recession Session – blah & boring

In the end, I ended up ordering a couple of pints of the Super Dog.

This was so much fun! It’s a great location – lots of parking. Although you do have to go order at the bar (no wait service), that really wasn’t a problem. There was a ton of parking. The only bummer is no dogs inside (actually, I don’t care that much, but someone had brought their dog and they got kicked out). The beer wasn’t as good as at some other breweries, but I had so much fun it didn’t matter! (pics from the evening at the end of the post)

Once I’m done reviewing everywhere, I’ll definitely have to make a trip back here!

Brew Review #10 – Lompoc, old AND new (October 9, 2009)

This is a pretty sad review. There are no photos. Or notes. Because it was a spur of the moment review with the architect that did not involve a camera or a pen. I will be honest – I love the Lompoc (both new & old) beers. I love their red & their IPAs. One of their seasonal specials was a hoppy red, and it was good! I had that first. Then the sampler platter. I enjoyed half (3/6) of the sampler, most notably the two IPAs & the red. The stout was a bit too stouty for me, and the golden too pale. I think the last one was okay.

The architect & I had nachos, but then he was still hungry, so he got chicken strips & fries, too.

they have great happy hour prices, and for all the beers (3) and a sampler (1) and two happy hour food specials, it was about $25, which I feel is a decent price.

This is, by the way, the lamest review I’ve ever written. I usually take pretty good notes & pictures.

I guess I just may have to come back when I get to the Ns. And the Os. 🙂

Brew Review #11 – We are now in the “M’s” and I need your vote!

Pros: ample parking, close to downtown (there is no info on happy hour on the site that I could find, but did find another site that said it was from 3 – 6)
Cons: loud & crowded, average beer

Mash Tun
Pros: new, interesting, decent IPA (I’ve heard), great neighborhood (happy hour is 4-6)
Cons: no website (yes, that is a con, bite me!), variable reviews on quality and service

Max’s Fanno Creek Brew Pub
Pros: new, interesting, apparently good beer selection; it also appears that they have a happy hour (although I might have to call to make sure); on the #12 bus line if you’re coming from downtown or Barbur Blvd.
Cons: Tigard!

Pros: pretty good happy hour (3-6), multiple locations, the buildings are (almost) always very interesting
Cons: average beers, average food, average service

I am thinking that this will take place on Nov 13 at happy hour time. If you think you can make it, please vote! (You can vote even if you can’t make it – I won’t hold it against you.

Pictures of the Lucky Lab Review


  1. CilleyGirl

    Hey! What’s wrong with Tigard?? Okay, I know, but maybe you should make Tigard both a pro and a con 😉

    That place is not all that far from me and I keep meaning to go check it out. If you had any food there, how was it?

    1. we’ll end up there at some point – I will do every brewery in the greater Portland area. then Oregon. Then the WORLD! 🙂

      I haven’t been there yet, but when I take the crew to brew review (I am feeling whimsical today), you should definitely come along.

  2. Justin

    Justin says: I want to try this place, but am not all that excited about it.

    Mash Tun
    Justin says: Never heard of it, and it sounds interesting! My vote is for here.

    Max’s Fanno Creek Brew Pub
    Justin says: Alisa and I stopped by here one day. The interior seemed slightly hickish to me. I don’t know how else to put it. The beers were good, but I can’t remember a single one being anything close to great. Still, it is worth a second visit I think.

    Tried these places a thousand times. Would be willing to make it a thousand and one in a pinch.

    1. I think Mash Tun will be next. I got the same impression about Max’s just by the website. The will probably be the 2nd of the Ms.

      I haven’t decided which McMenamin’s to choose – I’ll have to go with one I haven’t been to, yet!

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