September Goals

This is the one year anniversary of doing my monthly goals! I’m still enjoying it – makes big things seem more manageable.

So- the August recap:

August Goals

  1. Keep up with the marathon training (hit 100 miles this month) PLUS continue with the cross training (bike to work, strength train, keep swimming). – I’ll give this a partial success. I ran 75 miles in August, but skipped three runs, for a total of 27 miles, and scaled down a few other runs, so that explains the mileage miss. It was a smart choice, but DAMN! I just want another 100 mile month! September for sure. I feel good about the cross training. I didn’t do quite as much as I’d planned, but I still did okay.
  2. Continue to monitor eating – no need to track every day. Do not GAIN weight during the rest of the marathon training. – This is a definite success. I have gained no weight. I have also not LOST any, but that wasn’t the goal. 🙂
  3. Complete & pass second class – Got my grade for class #2 yesterday – it was an A 🙂
  4. Plant the fall vegetable garden by August 10 – Done! I did this the first week in August, and my chard, kale, broccoli, peas and cabbage are already sprouted & looking good!
  5. Go camping, dammit! – YES! Finally! We had a great backpacking trip, and it was fantastic.

Wow – August was a great month! 🙂 I love August, and how it wavers between summer & autumn!

And now – for the September goals.

  1. Finish last two long runs & two taper long runs for marathon; continue to bike & swim 2x/week; have fun with the exercise! (fitness/running)
  2. Take care of the body – nutritionally (visit nutritionist & follow her advice) & physically (two sports massages + PT exercises 3x/week) – (health)
  3. Roll over one orphan IRA (finance)
  4. Stay on top of all school work for super intense 4-week writing class (school)
  5. CAMPING! Again! (personal/relationship)

What about you? plans for the month?

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