September Goals
September Goals

September Goals

This is the one year anniversary of doing my monthly goals! I’m still enjoying it – makes big things seem more manageable.

So- the August recap:

August Goals

  1. Keep up with the marathon training (hit 100 miles this month) PLUS continue with the cross training (bike to work, strength train, keep swimming). – I’ll give this a partial success. I ran 75 miles in August, but skipped three runs, for a total of 27 miles, and scaled down a few other runs, so that explains the mileage miss. It was a smart choice, but DAMN! I just want another 100 mile month! September for sure. I feel good about the cross training. I didn’t do quite as much as I’d planned, but I still did okay.
  2. Continue to monitor eating – no need to track every day. Do not GAIN weight during the rest of the marathon training. – This is a definite success. I have gained no weight. I have also not LOST any, but that wasn’t the goal. 🙂
  3. Complete & pass second class – Got my grade for class #2 yesterday – it was an A 🙂
  4. Plant the fall vegetable garden by August 10 – Done! I did this the first week in August, and my chard, kale, broccoli, peas and cabbage are already sprouted & looking good!
  5. Go camping, dammit! – YES! Finally! We had a great backpacking trip, and it was fantastic.

Wow – August was a great month! 🙂 I love August, and how it wavers between summer & autumn!

And now – for the September goals.

  1. Finish last two long runs & two taper long runs for marathon; continue to bike & swim 2x/week; have fun with the exercise! (fitness/running)
  2. Take care of the body – nutritionally (visit nutritionist & follow her advice) & physically (two sports massages + PT exercises 3x/week) – (health)
  3. Roll over one orphan IRA (finance)
  4. Stay on top of all school work for super intense 4-week writing class (school)
  5. CAMPING! Again! (personal/relationship)

What about you? plans for the month?


  1. hoot! Glad you had such a fun month! getting the good grade and sticking with the marathon plan is huge. Good job, and here’s to a great september!

    I’ve got to ramp up the biking this month. Got a 60 mile tour on the schedule at the end, and maybe a friend’s wedding shower to go to.

  2. hi 🙂 i just found your blog today. how long until your marathon?

    i’m training for my first half, and is suspect that i’ll have to abandon my weight loss quest in order to be able to train properly.

  3. Hooray for no weight gain despite the fact that you have had to deal with your neighbors and all the booze and cheese they got you to eat in the month of August. (trouble makers!)

    September is going to be great because we will bike to work together through the daisies and hold hands and listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir do a cover of “Hey Jude”

  4. Alisa

    You had a great month of August. 100 mile months aren’t worth the price of injury, I think you have been smart about running!

    Can’t wait to see what your fall garden will look like?!?!

  5. Meg B

    You are Superwoman! Veggie garden, exercise, work, school AND time to eat cheese at Rancho Fenavo!

    You inspire me…my goals for September: (Not in any particular order)
    shave my legs at least once a week
    wash baby clothes
    get nursery finished
    Keep going to prenatal yoga and swim class
    Find a way to get my hands on more of Lori’s homemade pickles

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