Training Goals: 8/31 – 9/5

Can you believe that it’s the last day of August? CRAZY!

First, as always, the recap from last week. Honestly, people, it’s not that great. I feel like I’ve been really inconsistent this month. I definitely racked up the hours (new monthly workout hour record), but haven’t been hitting a lot of my planned stuff. Some of that is school. Some of that is sheer laziness.

Recap: 8/17 – 8/23

Monday: swimming lessons, PT exercises (squats, lunges, band pull thingies, hopscotch), foam roll & ice – I did my swim lessons + an ab workout, and I iced. I totally forgot about the PT exercises when I got home. Partial success.

Tuesday: five easy miles in the morning, easy bike in the evening, foam roll & ice – I overslept, did five hilly miles in the afternoon. And I did ice. Partial success.

Wednesday: bike to work, possible post-work swim, PT exercises (wall squats, hamstring bridges, reverse lunges, hopping drill), foam roll & ice – I did bike to work. And I did my PT exercises AND iced. Very nearly a great success.

Thursday: rest/yoga day, foam roll & ice – I totally rested! And iced! Did not go to yoga, nor did I foam roll.

Friday: trail run – 6-8 miles, depending on leg; swim, foam roll & ice – I did run – but only 2 miles. I did not swim (this is a school related skip, my final project for my class was due Friday). I did ice! Partial success.

Saturday: long bike (which, at this point, will likely be about 20 miles), PT exercises (one-legged squats, lunges, clock exercises, the stupid jumpy thing), foam roll & ice –  The only thing I did on the list today was ice. (But yay for me, right? I iced EVERY DAY last week. Some credit, right?). I have no real excuse. I was really tired Saturday morning, and just didn’t feel like doing anything. So I didn’t. (I mean, I gardened. And made 4 quarts of marinara, but no exercise).

Sunday: long run (15-17 miles), foam roll & ice – COMPLETE SUCCESS! I ran 15 miles. I iced! I foam rolled! I am a rock star!

This week: 8/31 – 9/5

Monday: swimming lessons, abs, PT exercises, ice

Tuesday: track workout (maybe – thoughts? I feel MOST better in the knee/groin, should I do an easy 5-6 instead? or 400 repeats, which is what I have on the schedule. I love track workouts. Would love some advice), foam roll, ice.

Wednesday: bike to work. (20ish miles round trip); PT, ice.

Thursday: bike to work; swim, probably after work. Not sure yet. Ice.

Friday: 18 miles in the AM. foam roll. ice.

Saturday: rest day, or whatever day.Also – PT! and ice!

Sunday: 5-6 mile run, depending on motivation. foam roll. ice.

Continue with my icing every night; PT exercises 3x (or at least more than once); foam rolling after every run, vitamins, moderate drinking goals….

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