Long Run Done
Long Run Done

Long Run Done

Today I ran 18 miles. Last sunday’s run was so great & so fun, and then this morning there was a beautiful sunrise and a rainbow, so I was so sure that today was going to be great.

Sidebar – last night was not great. It was day 2 of my bike challenge, and I rode downtown to meet a friend for nachos & beer (carbo loading, right?). On the first part of my ride, I almost got ran over by a bus that crossed into the bike lane. I could barely hold my bike steady & keep it from getting sucked into the side of the bus, but I did. Then I got to my destination, and while attempting to park my bike, I stepped off the curb & pulled a muscle. It’s no big – one of those little strains that you know will be fine in a couple of days.

So – I had beer & nachos with my friend, which was cool!

And then, the ride home, for reasons that I will not elaborate on here, was not good. I had pretty much declared that I was a) never riding my bike again, b) never riding downtown again, c) never leaving the house again, and d) perhaps becoming a hermit & moving into an anchoress’s cell.

I did not have a good evening, in other words. BUT – I was hopeful for today.

The run today was not as good. My ankles & lower legs were sore. The knee started getting sore. There were no pains, but lots and lots of aches.

Today’s 18 miles was a full 50 minutes slower than last Sunday’s 15! CRAZY! However, when looking at my little Garmin graphs, I think that for the parts I was actually running were in the right range – I just needed so many walk breaks today! I started taking a walk break at the top of every mile, which is how I got through today.

18 miles, 3:25:24, average pace – 11:25 (last week? 10:28…wow!)

The other reason I got through? My kick ass running buddy JM! My long runs would be WAAAY longer if I didn’t have her & The Ambitious One (who did 12 today) to run with.

After 18 miles, JM & I went to my local McMenamin’s for burgers & beer & the architect met us there.

After that, I had an appointment with a sports nutritionist. I have been concerned that I am not adequately fueling my body for the amount of exercise I do, and feel dumb that I can’t figure it out by myself, but finally admitted defeat & got help. My nutritionist, Kate, is pretty fantastic. She thinks I should eat more, so I definitely liked her right off the bat. We worked on a fueling plan for long runs, and talked about how I can start to lose weight once the marathon is over. I’d like to go into triathlon training next spring lean & mean (well, not really mean, but you know what I’m saying).

So – the day wasn’t great, but hey! I ran 18 miles. Next week is 20 miles. Then taper. CRAZY! Only one long run left…I’m not sure I even believe that the marathon is only one month from today. I think I’ll be ready. I know I’ll be able to finish, at least, and that’s the real goal for a first marathon, right?


  1. Glad you completed your 18 miles! You will be a fancy marathoner in no time! Also, I hope you don’t give up the bike commute challenge but if you do I will totally understand. Especially since I fell off of my bike AGAIN yesterday! πŸ™‚

  2. 18 miles is pretty sweet, no matter how much longer it took. And 11:25 pace is nothing to be upset about for sure!!

    I’m glad your back on the running wagon after that stupid pulled muscle.

  3. Congrats on the 18 miles! You’re almost there! πŸ™‚

    I definitely think it is hard to fuel yourself properly (and enough!) when you hit the higher mileage…it’s something I need to work on myself!

  4. Christine

    We’re like running opposites. The week you had a great 15 I had a lousy 19. This weekend I was NOT looking forward to 23 — given the 19 miler. This run was great (by comparison). My goal was to run consistent splits and I did pretty well… I’m much slower than you. I was pleased with my 12:40 average. Turtles rule!

  5. Emily

    Great on getting the 18 out of the way. I have 20 hanging over my head this morning and I just want to push it off like you wouldn’t believe. Where did you guys do the run?

    Also, how did you find the nutritionist? Don’t you love getting a team together to help you succeed? I always thought I could do those things on my own, but starting when I hired the coach, I realized how much better it is to have support. Yay for you! What I really want is an entourage, but I need to work on that, clearly.

    1. We did the run on Sauvie – but I don’t think we’ll do that again.

      I have 20 next weekend, and I think we’re going to do Banks Vernonia. Nice job on your 20, though! I am too afraid to run over the 205 bridge! That one scares me.

  6. Jen

    Congrats on the long run! The aches are totally normal, 3:00+ is a long time to be running! Expect to be quite sore for a couple days too. You ARE going to finish the marathon and it is going to be amazing. Go Amy!!!!!!!

    Also, feel free to get mean. We can take it.

    1. I was amazingly not sore at all the day after my 18! Which must just mean I wasn’t going hard enough, right πŸ™‚ Or maybe I’ll save ‘hard enough’ for the marathon & just concentrate on going the distance for now.

      Just wait ’til next summer when I’m all mean. I’ll make people cry! πŸ™‚

  7. BigGirlPants

    Running and beer? I think we may have been separated at birth! Ok seriously though- first race goal of any significance (significant only needing to be defined in your head) should always be “Upright and smiling” at the end…or at least that’s my philosophy. Incidentally, inspired by your first triathlon experience, I decided that I would not actually die if I finally did a race and might actually regret missing the opportunity for another season so next Saturday is the day! The goal: upright and smiling.

    Thanks for sharing your journey.

    1. I’m not even going to worry too much about smiling – I just want to finish upright! πŸ™‚

      Good luck on your race next Saturday! You will have to let me know how it goes – although I’m sure you’ll finish upright and smiling!

  8. great job on your 18!!! taper time is SO close! you are going to have a great first marathon πŸ™‚

    i saw a nutritionist during my first marathon training and it was really helpful… i actually really want to go back!

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