Lord! What fools these mortals be.

Today is the second day in a row that I’ve biked to work. I did join the Bike-to-work challenge, with the intent of biking twice a week. BUT – I’m thinking I can do 3-4 days (which is all of them)/ week. I am a bit concerned about how I’ll work that out with my Monday swim lessons & Tuesday run, but it should all come together, right?

Anyways – last night after work, I headed out (on my bike) to Widmer Bros. They had a new bike corral & were celebrating it with a Bikes & Brews event. The mayor led a ride from city hall, and everyone who showed up with a helmet got a free raffle ticket – they gave away some pretty cool stuff. I was really hoping to win a bike bell (or the new, very pretty bike), but alas! Out of the 150-ish tickets issued, and the millions of prizes, I won nothing!

I did, however, manage to once more act like an ass in front of the mayor. The first time, I was super bitchy to him, because I thought he was some pushy salesperson in a bike shop trying to get me to buy an expensive bike. It was only two minutes after I walked out of the store that I realized it was the mayor, and he was trying to be funny or something.

So, last night, I was sitting at a table, waiting for the raffle, and drinking a beer. At my table was the mayor, some guy from Widmer (who, thanks be to all that’s holy, wasn’t an actual Widmer brother – because Rob was there), the organizer of sunday parkways, and a couple of other people. We were having an animated conversation about Sunday parkways (which I am in favor of), and I, gesticulating wildly, knocked over my beer. And spilled it on the Widmer employee. The mayor did not look impressed, and that was pretty much the end of my participation in the conversation.

Hi, my name is Amy, and I like to embarrass myself in public – particularly if there’s someone prominent there. At least it wasn’t (I’m pretty sure) captured on film.

ANYWAYS – the event was great. I got a free bike bottle, and the beers were $3, and then I had some schnitzel!

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