Training Goals: 9/7/09 – 9/13/09

The recap:

Monday: swimming lessons, abs, PT exercises, ice – the swimming lessons were canceled. I didn’t do abs or PT exercises. I did ice. FAIL!

Tuesday: track workout, foam roll, ice. – FAIL! I did nothing. Except ice. FAIL!

Wednesday: bike to work. (20ish miles round trip); PT, ice. – I made up the previous day’s run, and did a 6 mile tempo run. I also biked to work. And then I iced. COMPLETE SUCCESS!

Thursday: bike to work; swim, probably after work. Not sure yet. Ice. – I did bike to work, and most of the way home. I did not swim. I did ice! PARTIAL SUCCESS!

Friday: 18 miles in the AM. foam roll. ice. – YAY! COMPLETE SUCCESS! I hit my 18 miles. I foam rolled. I iced!

Saturday: rest day, or whatever day.Also – PT! and ice! – I rested! go me! NAILED IT!

Sunday: 5-6 mile run, depending on motivation. foam roll. ice. – I did about 5.5 miles on the trail with my kick-ass neighbor who was kind enough to run super slow so that I wouldn’t die. I did not foam roll, but I did ice.

I have a lot going on right now! School starts up again next Monday. Work is going to be super busy for the next three weeks. My marathon is in less than a month. The garden is at a critical stage – I have a lot of preserving + fall planting that needs to happen.

I am going to be flexible with my workout plans, so as long as I get in three runs, at least two bikes, and at least two swims, I’ll be happy.  I also need to get in the following: 1) PT exercises at least 2x; 2) 1 session of strength training (can incorporate on PT days); 3) One stretching session, yoga perhaps, minimum 20 minutes.

Tentatively, this is planned this way:

This week: 9/7 – 9/13

Monday: Rest (I can tell you, this has already been successful!), ice

Tuesday: 7 mile run, incorporate some hills, long run pace (10:30+), foam roll, ice, PT + yoga.

Wednesday: Bike to work. I have an event after work, so I’m not yet sure how that’s going to work out. ice.

Thursday: Bike to work. Swim after work. I think I can make this work out, since I have yet MORE plans after work! Ice.

Friday: Trail run (90  minutes or so). Massage. Ice. PT+strength.

Saturday: Swim. Bike. Carbo Load. Ice.

Sunday: Run. Twenty Miles. That is a LONG WAYS. Ice. Foam Roll. Ice. Die. Eat. Ice.

5 responses to “Training Goals: 9/7/09 – 9/13/09

  1. Please don’t die =) after your 20! I think you’ll be just fine. The 18 to 20 isn’t as big of a jump as 16-18, you’ll be fine.

    Yay plans after work. I know what your Thursday plans are or at least I think I know!

  2. Have a great week! You’re going to kill it!!

  3. hoo, 20 miles is a long freaking run. I only did it once pre-marathon. long, long, long, long, long, long…… you get the point. hydrate, plan, and rock it girl!

  4. Good luck on Sunday! You’re going to rock that 20!

  5. If you replace one of those “ice”s with “ice cream” after your long run, your recovery will be much faster.

    Okay, maybe not, but it’s worked for me so far. 🙂