Training Goals: 9/7/09 – 9/13/09

The recap:

Monday: swimming lessons, abs, PT exercises, ice – the swimming lessons were canceled. I didn’t do abs or PT exercises. I did ice. FAIL!

Tuesday: track workout, foam roll, ice. – FAIL! I did nothing. Except ice. FAIL!

Wednesday: bike to work. (20ish miles round trip); PT, ice. – I made up the previous day’s run, and did a 6 mile tempo run. I also biked to work. And then I iced. COMPLETE SUCCESS!

Thursday: bike to work; swim, probably after work. Not sure yet. Ice. – I did bike to work, and most of the way home. I did not swim. I did ice! PARTIAL SUCCESS!

Friday: 18 miles in the AM. foam roll. ice. – YAY! COMPLETE SUCCESS! I hit my 18 miles. I foam rolled. I iced!

Saturday: rest day, or whatever day.Also – PT! and ice! – I rested! go me! NAILED IT!

Sunday: 5-6 mile run, depending on motivation. foam roll. ice. – I did about 5.5 miles on the trail with my kick-ass neighbor who was kind enough to run super slow so that I wouldn’t die. I did not foam roll, but I did ice.

I have a lot going on right now! School starts up again next Monday. Work is going to be super busy for the next three weeks. My marathon is in less than a month. The garden is at a critical stage – I have a lot of preserving + fall planting that needs to happen.

I am going to be flexible with my workout plans, so as long as I get in three runs, at least two bikes, and at least two swims, I’ll be happy.  I also need to get in the following: 1) PT exercises at least 2x; 2) 1 session of strength training (can incorporate on PT days); 3) One stretching session, yoga perhaps, minimum 20 minutes.

Tentatively, this is planned this way:

This week: 9/7 – 9/13

Monday: Rest (I can tell you, this has already been successful!), ice

Tuesday: 7 mile run, incorporate some hills, long run pace (10:30+), foam roll, ice, PT + yoga.

Wednesday: Bike to work. I have an event after work, so I’m not yet sure how that’s going to work out. ice.

Thursday: Bike to work. Swim after work. I think I can make this work out, since I have yet MORE plans after work! Ice.

Friday: Trail run (90  minutes or so). Massage. Ice. PT+strength.

Saturday: Swim. Bike. Carbo Load. Ice.

Sunday: Run. Twenty Miles. That is a LONG WAYS. Ice. Foam Roll. Ice. Die. Eat. Ice.

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