WARNING! Light Posting Ahead
WARNING! Light Posting Ahead

WARNING! Light Posting Ahead

The next three weeks are going to be hella busy at work (through 9/24).

I start my new class next Monday (9/14).

I have so much garden stuff to get done next weekend (9/11-13), a possible camping trip (9/18 – 20) and a wedding (9/24-26) and a marathon (10/1-5).

I will do my best to keep posting. I have to tell you about my exciting Labor Day weekend! (Hint: there was pie. And booze.)

I have to post my latest brew review (Lucky Lab, 8/28).

I need to tell you all about the running! There will be lots!

BUT – I am not sure how much of that I will get done in the next month. I will return to you, refreshed, sore, a marathoner, on 10/6/09.

Don’t remove me from your reader or anything, but don’t expect too much! In the meantime, why don’t you check out some of these awesome reads:

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And honestly – any link you see in my sidebar. Especially those PBRs.


  1. Hey! Way to go on the 18. Right now it just matters that you’re covering the distance…not the pace you’re doing it! 🙂 Good luck on the 20 and good luck in October! I’ll be anxiously awaiting your race report. There’s nothing like the first time {sigh}!

  2. well, ya better at least put up a marathon preview and race report. if we don’t get any final garden pics for the summer veg that’s understandable.

    so if i don’t get the chance to say it again, Good luck in wisconsin!!!!!

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