Are you enjoying my hiatus?

So, less than 24 hours after I warned you about light posting, here I am! For two reasons.

1. To update you in the continuing saga of how I am attempting to humiliate myself in front of every single person in Portland.

2. To ask a favor.

The Humiliation of Amy

This morning, I rode my bike to work. It was really scary. I did not use my blinky tail light (or, as I affectionately refer to it, my “butt light”), but that’s okay, because it wasn’t dark.

I got to work, and was locking up my bike. I pulled my U-Lock out of my bag, and as that happened, I flung my thong at the guy on the next rack. They hit him. He didn’t look particularly excited to have a woman throwing panties at him, so I’m guessing he’s never been in an aspiring rock band. I had to walk over about 5 feet (I am a champion panty flinger, people) and pick them up off the ground. It takes a lot to get me to blush, but that did it.

The favor

Because I am kind enough to share with you my humilations, I think you owe me something. Well, not really, but I need some suggestions. I read my way through all of the book suggestions I got from you guys last fall, and my book queue at the library is currently almost empty (I do have “Dead Until Dark” on hold, but as I am #47 of 135 on 35 copies, I am not holding my breath), and I need some books! Especially now that I am doing more public transportation commuting. And, since I’ve only read 29 new books this year (Mr. Pi – I finally finished Cryptonomicon, and it was very, very good – you were right), I need to get on top of the reading if I’m going to make my goal of 52!

So – please, kind people, tell me what to read. And then come be my friend on Good Reads!

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