Are you enjoying my hiatus?
Are you enjoying my hiatus?

Are you enjoying my hiatus?

So, less than 24 hours after I warned you about light posting, here I am! For two reasons.

1. To update you in the continuing saga of how I am attempting to humiliate myself in front of every single person in Portland.

2. To ask a favor.

The Humiliation of Amy

This morning, I rode my bike to work. It was really scary. I did not use my blinky tail light (or, as I affectionately refer to it, my “butt light”), but that’s okay, because it wasn’t dark.

I got to work, and was locking up my bike. I pulled my U-Lock out of my bag, and as that happened, I flung my thong at the guy on the next rack. They hit him. He didn’t look particularly excited to have a woman throwing panties at him, so I’m guessing he’s never been in an aspiring rock band. I had to walk over about 5 feet (I am a champion panty flinger, people) and pick them up off the ground. It takes a lot to get me to blush, but that did it.

The favor

Because I am kind enough to share with you my humilations, I think you owe me something. Well, not really, but I need some suggestions. I read my way through all of the book suggestions I got from you guys last fall, and my book queue at the library is currently almost empty (I do have “Dead Until Dark” on hold, but as I am #47 of 135 on 35 copies, I am not holding my breath), and I need some books! Especially now that I am doing more public transportation commuting. And, since I’ve only read 29 new books this year (Mr. Pi – I finally finished Cryptonomicon, and it was very, very good – you were right), I need to get on top of the reading if I’m going to make my goal of 52!

So – please, kind people, tell me what to read. And then come be my friend on Good Reads!


  1. Eliza

    That underpants story is absolutely amazing. I’m sorry that happened to you, but thanks for the laugh!

    I recently read Moon Called by Patricia Briggs… I’m not dying to read the rest of the series, but I would happily pick one up if I were stuck in an airport. And it’s a really quick read to get you up to 52 🙂

    I only read My Life in France after it got all branded for the movie, but I’m still glad I did.

    1. I knew someone would find it amusing! 🙂

      I’ve added Moon Called. I read My Life in France earlier this year – I really did enjoy it!

      Thanks for the suggestions! I knew I could count of you.

  2. Amy!
    Of course I have some book recs!
    Let’s see. Where to start? First of all, Dead Until Dark? It made me squirm it was so cheesy. But I did hear that they get better as the series goes on. I haven’t made it that far yet…

    I’m really far too lazy to include reviews. So I will at least offer Amazon links.

    Hunger Games – awesome, awesome book. Sequel just came out last week.

    Disobedient Girl – just got it from the library. can’t wait to dig in

    Her Fearful Symmetry – author of Time Traveler’s Wife out on 9/28?

    Pride & Prejudice & Zombies – just cuz someone was brave enough to eff with the Austen…

    Okay, that’s all I got at the moment.

  3. Jenny

    I’ve decided to read a bunch of classics this fall. Then when the rains hit (I live in Seattle) I’ll treat myself to renting the movies (for those that have them). On my list – Catcher in the Rye, the Narnia Chronicles, the Scarlett Letter, Love in the Time of Cholera. I like picking up the classics I never read back in the day cause suddenly I’ll start recognizing references to them. Oh and then I just read that “Are you there vodka, its me Chelsea” is hiilarious and I love books that make me laugh out loud.

    1. I have read (and still own) all of the classics you mentioned, but have not yet read “Are you there vodka….”. I also like books that make me laugh, so I will be adding that to my queue!


  4. Well, you can bet that he is telling your story to all his friends! Classic!

    One of my favorite books is The Big Sea by Langston Hughes. If you like to read some pulp I recommend any of the Sailor and Lula series from Barry Gifford.

  5. Alisa

    Oh boy…I just spit out a little water at my desk reading about your escapade of flinging thongs! What a morning!

    As for books, I’m really starting to get into one of the ones Sarah lent me “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” I bet she would let you borrow it when I’m done. Also, I have a few books that my sister-in-law lent me some of which I read some of which I didn’t…I have “The Uglies” triology (haven’t read) and a few others, want me to compile a list and forward them to you?

  6. Okay, flinging panties – HI larious… luckily nothing so embarassing has ever happened to me!

    As for the books, I seriously don’t think you’re going to like Dead Until Dark. It’s the only book I’ve never been able to finish because I hated her writing style so much.. however, Alf has read the first three and he seems to have tooled forward without cringing..

    I think you may for cheesy’s sake enjoy the Adrienne Barbeau vampire book, it was really good and for funny Kathy Griffin’s auto biography came out this week.

  7. i’m reading walk in the woods by bill bryson and i LOVE it. it’s a cheeky brit’s account of his decision to hike the appalachian trail and what happens when he does. totally love his british-ness.

  8. You may have already read this, because you are super-cool, but if not I highly recommend “The Idiot Girls’ Action Adventure Club” by Laurie Notaro. Hilariously true stories from a girl who does unintentionally hilarious things (like your accidental thong throw!) I have the book somewhere in my house if you want to borrow. Let me know and I’ll send it to you through Lori!

  9. love the thong story! that’s the sort of thing that would happen to me.

    as far as book recs, i have none, but what i do have is blog recs that have some good book lists on them! of course, they might already be blogs that you read, so this might not be helpful, but it’s the best i can do.

    Emily did this post recently asking for book recs, so they’re all in the comments:

    Princess Nebraska just did a review of some books she’s read, and i think there are a couple other review lists on her site somewhere:

    And Janssen’s whole blog is about books & book reviews:

    hope that gives you some options!

  10. Justin

    Yay! Glad you made it through Cryptonomicon… and even interested in reading more of his books! I could give you the first book in the Baroque cycle if you don’t want to read another book for a few months. Think Cryptonomicon times three.

    I’ll second a Bill Bryson recommendation. “A Short History of Nearly Everything” is a must read if you haven’t read it before.

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