Training Goals 9/14 – 9/20

9/7 – 9/13 Recap

Last week was all about flexibility with the goal of 2 bikes/2 swims/3 runs + 2 PT + 1 strength + 1 yoga. I did moderately well.

Monday: Rest (I can tell you, this has already been successful!), ice – COMPLETE SUCCESSI rested like a champ. 🙂

Tuesday: 7 mile run, incorporate some hills, long run pace (10:30+), foam roll, ice, PT + yoga. – I ran – 4.5 miles instead of 7; I did do hills, I did not hit the pace…in fact, it was my slowest run in over 2 years, I think. It was hard & bad. I did ice. I did nothing else. PARTIAL SUCCESS.

Wednesday: Bike to work. – I did bike to work. And ice. COMPLETE SUCCESS!

Thursday: Bike to work. Swim after work. – I did bike to work AND swim! COMPLETE SUCCESS! Also, I felt like a total bad-ass riding my bike to the gym.

Friday: Trail run (90  minutes or so). Massage. Ice. PT+strength. – I got a massage. There was ice. There was nothing else. I got a raging headache after my massage, and just as I was about to suck it up & go run, the neighbor boy came over & requested that I join his mother for a drink. Who can say no to a nine-year-old? Not me! FAIL!

Saturday: Swim. Bike. Carbo Load. Ice. – I did bike (18 miles with my neighbor) and carbo load and ice. I did not make it for the swim.

Sunday: Run. Twenty Miles. That is a LONG WAYS. Ice. Foam Roll. Ice. Die. Eat. Ice. – I did, in fact, run 20 miles. In 3:38:57. That is a 10:55 pace, which is exactly where I want to be for my long runs! YAY!!! Yay for me and my running buddy. Due to that stupid pulled muscle in August, it ended up being my only 20 (I’d originally planned for two) of my training cycle. It was so pretty! We did the Banks Vernonia Trail, ran out 7 miles in one direction, stopped at the car to refill fuel belts, and then 3 in the other. We practiced our finish line excitement for the (imaginary) cameras and basically felt super awesome. I will ice. And I did eat – and will again. Not foam roll (directive from the massage therapist). Also not die.

I don’t really have splits, because I kept losing satellite, and I refuse to believe that I ran one mile in 14:46 & the next in 8:43! We ran the first 14 in 2:35 & the last 6 in 63 minutes, so that was cool!

Goals: 9/14 – 9/20

I am not going to do any strength training between now & the marathon. Since I haven’t been hitting that part of my goals at all, the sports massage guy recommends I just hold off until post-marathon, and then between him & my nutritionist (I have an entourage – I am fancy) they will tell me how to lose 15 lbs to be all lean & mean by next year’s race season.

So – my basic goals: 3x run; 2x bike; 2x swim; some stretching every day.

Monday: rest. If I am not dead, maybe bike to work. Maybe. My new class starts tomorrow, too, so I think I just need to take it easy. Recover from the 20.

Tuesday: run 6ish miles.

Wednesday: bike to work.

Thursday: bike to work. swim after work. who wants to meet me downtown for a drink post-work on Thursday? It’s my new tradition. Some people spin/run/swim on Wednesdays. I bike/swim/drink on Thursdays. It’s my new triathlon that I’m inventing.

Friday: trail run, 90ish minutes.

Saturday: longish bike (25 miles); swim

Sunday: run 13 miles. and tapering begins.

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