August Goals

But first – the July recap:

  1. Run a good, strong half marathon on 7/4, get in all of my long runs for my first month of serious marathon training, and continue to get my tri-training & cross-training in – I think this is a success. I totally PR’d on my half – and although I skipped a few runs, I did do all my long ones! WOO! I also continued with the tri training – and did that, too!
  2. Continue to track calories with a weight loss goal for July of five pounds down from where I am now – Well – no. But, I lost a lot of inches, and definitely LOOK thinner. I’ll take it!
  3. Stay on top of schoolwork – YES! First class is done!
  4. Get all retirement accounts to live in the same place – YES! Finally all my four-oh-whatevers are in the same home. After seventy years! Next the IRAs (which are technically retirement accounts, I know – but those aren’t the ones I meant. So there!
  5. Go camping at least once – FAIL! We haven’t been camping even once this summer. That SUCKS!

August Goals

  1. Keep up with the marathon training (hit 100 miles this month) PLUS continue with the cross training (bike to work, strength train, keep swimming). (Fitness/Running)
  2. Continue to monitor eating – no need to track every day. Do not GAIN weight during the rest of the marathon training. (Health/Nutrition)
  3. Complete & pass second class (Grad School)
  4. Plant the fall vegetable garden by August 10 (Garden)
  5. Go camping, dammit! (personal)

I usually do some kind of commentary, but last night there were shots, and now my brain is dead. BOO! The only goal I really want to accomplish today is to eventually take a shower & get dressed.

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