So, it’s hot in Portland. My computer thermometer says 104.  The all-time record in Portland is apparently 107 or something. That is expected to be broken today, I guess. BUT – it’s already almost three, so the heat better get a move on, or it won’t be the hottest day ever.

I do not like super hot. I can deal with 80s & 90s, as long as I don’t have to move much. But, since I’m a runner, I guess that means I should be moving, right?  Right?

I did run yesterday. I am swimming tonight (with my anti-drowning support crew). Tomorrow morning, I will run again (speedwork, weather willing – I am not a machine like Kristen!), and yoga in the evening (guess it’ll be hot yoga tomorrow). Friday I will probably take the day off. Or maybe go for a little bike ride to remind my legs how that works.

Last night, the architect, who is the most amazing coolest most talented and handsome man ever, installed a ceiling fan in our living room. Where we slept for the 2nd day in a row. The upstairs is HOT! And the ceilings upstairs cannot have ceiling fans, due to the pitch of the roof.

So – we will all likely survive, and the guys on the news last night, despite numerous efforts, proved that it is not yet hot enough to fry an egg on any outside surface. So don’t try that.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a corn update – they’re back after their post highschool backpacking trips through Europe, and I can’t believe how much they’ve changed in just two weeks! (They change so fast at this age. *sob*)

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