Corn chronicles have been pre-empted due to an important announcement (and by the fact that I didn’t take any pictures of the corn yesterday).


I will henceforth be known as Amy “the gazelle” Bannister.

Today, I broke two major milestones.

I did speedwork this morning (it was a delightful 69 degrees when I left home at 6 AM). I did a 1 mile warmup, a fast 1 mile, 400 cool, 800/400 recovery (x3) and a 1 mile cooldown.

My fast mile? 7:53 bitches. That’s right – I broke 8 minutes. My 800s were crap after that, but I didn’t care. I have never run under an 8 minute mile. My last mile time trial (March, 2008) I ran 8:59. I am a gazelle! on speed!

The other milestone? With my 5.5 miles done today, I am officially at 500 miles for the year. I’m not sure if I’ll get to 1,000 this year, but I will come pretty damn close.

It’s going to be a good, good day.

ETA – Speedwork Stats

Warm-up: 1 mile (11:22/11:22 pace)
Interval 1: 1 mile (7:53/7:53 pace)
Recovery 1: .33 miles (5:51/17:35 pace)
Interval 2: .55 miles (4:21/7:59 pace)
Recovery 2: .26 miles (3:00/11:47 pace)
Interval 3: .52 miles (4:36/8:55 pace)
Recovery 3: .25 miles (3:13/13:15 pace)
Interval 4: .51 miles (4:37/9:00 pace)
Cool down: 1.09 miles (12:57/11:55 pace)

Overall – 5.5 miles (58:01/10:31 pace)

I really wish I’d been more consistent on my 800s – I wanted them to be closer to a 8:30 pace.  I wanted the w/u, c/d & recoveries (with the exception of the post fast mile recovery, which I walked) to be closer to an 11:30 pace. BUT – I kind of blew my wad on that fast mile. And honestly, I probably won’t do that again – I just wanted to see how fast I could go. Next time I do speedwork, if I decide to do a 1600, I will not go out that hard. Gotta save something for the rest of the workout, right? (Also, my ass is killing me right now.) I’m still super happy though. Super.