Tuesday Ramblings

It is a wee bit warm here in PDX. I actually don’t mind hot TOO much (although I prefer my hot to be in the 85-95 afternoon range, not the 90 at 9 PM, 76 at 6AM, 108 at 6 PM, etc. that we’re having right now). I do, however, like the hot to go away at night. Last night when I got home, it was over 100 degrees on our second floor.  I did not do my strength training (although I probably should’ve stripped down & done my 90 minute hot yoga from yoga downloads – no external heat source necessary!), and instead whined & complained & drank wine and beer and had birthday pie with my kick-ass neighbor. It was pretty good. Then my neighbors gave me 5 million cucumbers, so now I will be making some pickles!

Work is super busy this week, so I am trying to get through that without a nervous breakdown.

It is my last week of my first grad school class, and I have some homework that needs to be done.

I have too much going on, but nothing that I want to get rid of in my schedule. I am supposed to go to book club tonight, but it’s weird. The person that originally invited me (hi Kim!) no longer goes, and the rest of the members are her friends. They’re nice, but they’re not my people. Maybe they could be, but I’m not sure I need more people right now. I want to be in a book club, just need one that has more of my own people I think. The only reason I was even going to go is because I lent one of the members a book. In November. One that didn’t belong to me. Something I have never done before, and think I was unduly influenced by wine when I made that decision. I think I’m going to cut my loss and buy a new copy of the book to return. I can’t have more things, and especially not things that are with virtual strangers (even if they’re very, very nice strangers). If I thought my friend (hi Kim!) was going to be there, I would absolutely go, because I think she’s avoiding me and I’d love to kick her ass for that. (ha ha! Just kidding, Kim! I would never kick your ass!)

So – if any locals want to be in my brand new book club that I am just inventing RIGHT NOW, let me know. We will meet every other month. We will take turns picking fun books to read. We will drink wine. It will be delightful. Just let me know!

Anyways…..this morning, I was supposed to do speedwork (aiming for 5-6 miles). It was 76 degrees at 6 am. I called JM (as per our agreement), and headed out. I ended up with 4.4 miles. I am really okay with that. I’m hoping it’s a bit cooler Thursday morning, so I can get a few more miles in. Because I was a giant pansy last week, I am probably not going to get to 100 miles this month, and that makes me sad. Of course, if I run Thursday AND Friday, I can get there. But, I have a triathlon Saturday, so was thinking I shouldn’t run on Friday. But, I will automatically PR at the triathlon, because I’ve never done one before (unless I die, which is a possibility, I suppose). But, I do want to finish in a reasonable time (i.e. not DFL). But, 100 miles! (Aren’t you glad I’m sharing my stream of consciousness with you?)

Apparently the heat is pickling my brain, and I have no coherency, although there is a lot of randomocity.

I really, really wish it would rain.

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