Training Goals: 7/27 – 8/1

Can you believe that it’s almost August?  CRAZY!  Last week’s recap (it is not pretty, people – not pretty at all).

July 20 – July 26, 2009

Monday: strength/elliptical – same old, same old – FAIL! Due to the fact that I was dead, I took a rest day.

Tuesday: AM tempo run (5 miles) + PM bike – FAIL! Still mostly dead. I did, however, do 30 minutes of strength training, so partial success. Kind of.

Wednesday: AM swim (*fingers crossed*) + PM yoga in the park – I tried to get my swim in before yoga, but ended up leaving work too late to do both. I did get to yoga. It was kind of awesome! So – partial success.

Thursday: AM easy run (3 miles) + PM regular yoga – I did yoga again. Still no running. Still dying of pain in the hips due to the super fast 14 miler last Sunday.

Friday: swim (1300 yds) + trail run (8 miles) – SUPER FAIL! I went berry picking, which took a super long time, and then I had homework. I also have more excuses if you’re interested.

Saturday: open water swim + bike – half success. if you want to call it that. I did not bike. I did OWS. It sucked. I kept having panic attacks in the water, and did not feel good at all after. It was super scary and I decided after that it is likely I will die during my triathlon next Saturday. I have since been mildly reassured, but still….SCARY!

Sunday: long run (15 miles) – Finally – success! 15 miles. 2:59. 95 degrees. WIN!

July 27 – August 1, 2009

Monday: strength training.

Tuesday: morning track workout (virtually w/ JM).

Wednesday: final pre-triathlon open water swim. This time with her & her & her & him, so probably I won’t die.

Thursday: morning easy run. evening yoga.

Friday: rest day. stretching & icing.

Saturday: triathlon. *gulp*

Sunday: 8-10 mile long, slow run.

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