June Goals/May Recap

As always, first a review of last month’s goals:

  1. Half marathon PR (running) – Success! I didn’t hit my main goal, but I did PR! WOO!
  2. Stick to my tri-training plans (fitness) – Partial success – I did start doing my runs/swims
  3. Keep dedicating Fridays to personal stuff (personal) – Not so successful. There are so many things to do that don’t get done.
  4. Continue monitoring food/drink intake for weight loss (nutrition/health) – I’d really like to lose 6 lbs this month & get closer to my ultimate goal. – FAIL! I did not lose any weight, and in fact, weight exactly the same as I did May 1, which is 2 lbs higher than my mid-month weight. Dammit.
  5. Work on actually following my weekend cleaning plan (household) – Partial success. We’ve gotten a little better. Not much. I wish I was a cleaner, neat freaky person.

June Goals

  1. Start getting my weight training in minimum 1x/week. (fitness) – This REALLY needs to happen, and I think it will help with the weight loss, too.
  2. Stick to budget for one entire month (finance) – This includes actually putting that money in savings.
  3. Track calories in/out for one entire month (weight/health) – This will be pretty important if I’m actually going to shed this last bit of weight I’ve been holding on to. As a subset to this goal, there is also 3A) Only weigh once a week.
  4. Work on the Friday/personal days (personal) – This NEEDS to happen. Seriously.
  5. DON NOT FREAK OUT ABOUT HAVING A PARTY (personal) – I tend to freak out. It’s not pretty.

I’m feeling a little BLEACH today, and not very goal-oriented, I may mix these up in the next couple of days.

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