Weekly Training Goals

Recap – last week (5/25 – 5/31)

Monday: REST! – accomplished! (although I did a LOT of yard work, so it wasn’t actually resting per se.

Tuesday: 10 mile bike ride + pushups + weights – not accomplished – instead I rested

Wednesday: morning swim/afternoon run (3 miles) – again, not accomplished – instead I ate cheese

Thursday: yoga + pushups + weights – I totally got that yoga in! go me!

Friday: run/swim/run (5 mile run) – I ran about 3.5 miles; it was HOT

Saturday: 15 mile bike – again, with the resting! I had such a traumatic morning, that I had to go home & rest instead of hitting up the gym. SLACKER!

Sunday: run – length to be determined – maybe 5-6 miles – I did a trail run of about 4.5 miles, and it was good.

This week (6/1 – 6/7)

Monday: Swim for about 45 minutes. Goal today is to take as few breaks as possible; abs at home

Tuesday: Morning hill repeats; afternoon bike ride; pushups

Wednesday: Morning swim; afternoon weights

Thursday: Morning EASY run (3 miles); afternoon yoga (which I am counting as my ab work, too – last week, we held plank about eleventy-billion times)

Friday: Trail run (5 miles); weights

Saturday: 15 mile bike; pushups

Sunday: 10 mile run

Mileage totals: 25 bike or so; 23 run

Today starts my 18 week marathon training, which I am piggy-backing onto my triathlon training (only 9 weeks to go!). In 5 weeks, I have my 2nd (and so far only) half marathon of the year. So, you know, nothing really scheduled at all.

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