May 18 – May 24 Training Plan + 5/11-5/17 Recap

Last Week’s Plan

Monday: Easy recovery run: 2-3 miles, no time goals; push-ups – I ran 3 miles in 32 minutes; didn’t do the push-ups

Tuesday: Speed work; 4-5 Yasso 800s – I was still hurting, so skipped the speed work & instead did some nothing (REST!)

Wednesday: AM swim; PM bike – I made my swim 1,250 yds in 40 minutes; definitely need to get speedier. It was hailing when I got home, so I didn’t bike

Thursday: AM crazy weights; PM yoga – I skipped weights, did the yoga

Friday: noon trail run; pushups & abs – I did the trail run – 7.5 miles – and there’s a blog post about that coming up. No push-ups & abs because I am lazy & cannot take 15 minutes to do arms & abs. LAZY!

Saturday: 10 mile run – Saturday did not go well. I did not run. I did, however, get my 10 mile bike in as a make-up for Wednesday’s skipped bike.

Sunday: rest – I gardened for 3 hours, including weeding, digging up bamboo, digging holes in the ground & planting more stuff.

So – I ran only 1/3 of my planned miles for the week, and will not hit 100 in May, I don’t think (I’m only at 29 for the month so far!), but I think I’m okay with that. I’m going to ramp things up again in June, but since I’m starting my tri- training, I think I’m going to take it easy on the running until I get adjusted. I have been so hungry lately!

I really, really, really need to be lifting weights though. That is the only thing I feel really bad about skipping last week! However, it’s just not realistic for me to get to the gym by 6 more than once a week, so I’m working on a new plan. I’d actually really like to just get into a home routine, so that is my goal for this week.

This Week’s Plan

Monday: Easy 3 miles

Tuesday: 60 minute bike ride

Wednesday: AM swim; PM trail run

Thursday: yoga

Friday: Easy 5 miles; swim

Saturday: 60 minute bike ride

Sunday: 20K trail race (I will post later this week about my trail race goals).

Other – push-ups at least TWICE! Weights – TWICE! Abs – THREE TIMES!

My other basic plan is to just listen to my body & not get carried away. Last week I added in two new activities that I haven’t previously been doing (the swim & bike) and this week I’m doing each twice instead of the once of last week, I am just going to try really hard to be aware & not overdo it – which is what I did last week. Right now, mileage isn’t as important as it will be later, and I need to remember that! My next two races are 20 K & 1/2 marathon, so I know that I’m prepared for those distances – no need to get all crazy, right? RIGHT!

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