Mid-week update

I’ve been busy at work this week, and have rules about internets at home during the week (I get caught up & then push my bedtime back, then I’m cranky!), so posting is light.

However, I did want to let you know that so far, training plan is working.

I skipped my Monday night run (FLEXIBILITY) because it was eleventy-billion degrees when I got home, and instead headed out Tuesday at about 6:30 instead. Tuesday evening, the architect & I went for a bike ride. We spent the first 20 minutes in the grocery store parking lot working on my shifting & turning skills, then went for a leisurely ride through our neighborhood. It wasn’t so much a speed workout or anything, but it was nice. (It was very nice that it wasn’t a speed workout, because all my sports bras were in the dryer, so I was stuck with a regular bra & a shelf tank – that wouldn’t have held up under any kind of stress.)

This morning, I hauled my ass out of bed at 5ish & headed to the pool. It was nice again today – I did 5 sets again, but skipped kicks (saving my legs for the trail run tonight, also I hate kicking), and ended up with 1,500 yds in just under 45 minutes (I took 60-90 second breaks between each set).

After work, I’m headed out for a trail run – last one before this weekend’s 20K. I’m hoping it goes better than last Friday’s! And, speaking of last Friday (Brew Review + Corn Chronicles tomorrow – OH the anticipation!), I headed out for a 10 mile trail run on Wildwood trail. My big goal for 2009 is to run the entire 30+ miles of the trail, although not in one go, obviously. Last time I ran this section, when I looked at the map later, it seemed that I had been about 1/4 mile away from the end of that section (and the end of the trail), and the whole run was about 10 miles or so (out & back), so I thought – what the hell! I can totally run an extra half mile!

So, I ran & I ran. And although Leo doesn’t track mileage on these kind of runs (too many trees – he told me at the end that I’d run 1.5 miles in 1 hr 17 minutes or something like that), he does track time, and I know that I run an average 12 minute mile on the trails.  And then, I kept running. And now, I was approaching about 72 minutes in, and still no end of the trail. So, did I turn around & vow to do it again some day when I wasn’t still a bit sore from a half marathon the weekend before?

ha ha ha ha ha ha

Of course not! I was determined! So, I ran faster. On the muddy, muddy trails. And finally, I got to the end of the trail.

The edge of the photo is blurry because I am so hot & sweaty & dead that I smeared my sweat all over my camera. ENJOY!

Now, I was dead, and just about 75 minutes MINIMUM away from my car. So, I called the architect. NO SIGNAL! So, I texted the architect. And one of my 5,000,000 texts went through. And he texted back (just as I was about to suck it up & turn around) that he would come get me. YAY!

So, I started running down the road. And it was sucky (also a weird guy in a car followed me for awhile – he was driving behind me as slow as I was running – weird – made me think I should start remembering my pepper spray for solo trail runs). Running on asphalt in trail shoes hurts.

But at least it was pretty!

Thats Mt. St. Helens, and if the camera on my phone was better, youd be able to see Mt. Ranier poking up to the left.

That's Mt. St. Helens, and if the camera on my phone was better, you'd be able to see Mt. Ranier poking up to the left.

So, the architect fetched me (because he’s the awesomest EVER), and I went home & died. Then, I got better, took a shower, and went out for beers! YAY!

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