Quick Question – Advice Please!
Quick Question – Advice Please!

Quick Question – Advice Please!

I ran Tuesday morning (3.5 miles) and this morning (4.5 miles). Both runs were HARD. My legs feel like lead – so heavy & slow. This morning, my pace was about 12 minute miles, which is sloooooooowwwww for me on a level course (even my first mile, which is mostly downhill, clocked in at 11 minutes).

And now for the question, in two parts

1. Do you think this lead-legs is from a) the increase in other activities in the last week (biking + swimming), b) the fact that I ran my ass off in a half-marathon just under two weeks ago, or c) something else altogether


2. Since I do have a 20K trail race Sunday that I would like to finish without wanting to kill myself at the end, what do you think I should do with the next few days leading up to the race? I had planned

Today: morning run (done) & afternoon yoga
Friday: 6 mile run to & from pool, with swimming (about 1500 yds)
Saturday: 10 mile bike ride

I’m not worried about racing the 20K – it’s my first at that distance (so automatic PR) and it’s a trail race, so my goal was just to finish strong & have fun. But, since my 4.5 miles this morning sucked pretty hard, I’m not sure at this point that I could finish strong & happy….thoughts? advice?

Thanks in advance (brew review & corn chronicles this afternoon).


  1. Your lead legs are probably a combination of the increased activity as well as the fact that your 1/2 was 2 weeks ago! My 1/2 was 3 weeks ago, and finally, yesterday was the first run I had where I didn’t feel like I was running through sand.

    Soooo…since you have a trail race on Sunday, did you consider maybe taking a DAY OFF between now and then? If you’re feeling sluggish on your runs, AND you have a race in a few days, you might want to consider that!

  2. I am going with increased activity. Your legs are tired and telling you so!!

    I feel drained after 4 days of running. Each day I have gotten slower. Tomorrow I am resting. Then I have a planned 10 miler this weekend. Yikes!!

    Take it easy GR!!! Run strong and healthy!!!

  3. It takes a surprising amoutn of time to recover from a race and most of us don’t adequately allow for that… I would say maybe cut the run on Friday, leaving your legs as fresh as you can for running Sunday.

  4. I agree…don’t run Friday and rest your legs for Sunday. The only thing you’ll be out is adding six more miles to your monthly tally. (Anxiously awaiting photos of my little UnCulled Carrie Corn!)

  5. I don’t really know what I’m talking about when it comes to this stuff, so I won’t tell you what I think you should do. However – my legs have been giving me trubs for the past couple of weeks, so this week I decided to stay off of them as much as possible and stick mostly to swimming and shorter runs until my long run on Saturday. I feel like this is a good decision because now that they’ve had a break, I can really tell that I would be hurting myself by running more. I’m still stiff and sore and I can only imagining that sticking to my usual routine would make this worse.

    So…if I were you, I’d ease off a bit on the running. But again, I know nothing. 🙂

  6. Alisa

    I’m going with biking! I know my legs feel a little heavy today after spin class last night. If it were me, I would take the run and the bike SUPER easy so you’re fresh for the 20k. OR eliminate one of them…bike to the pool instead of run? I dunno.

  7. I ran a 1/2 marathon last year and STILL haven’t recovered. (Well I have but I did a lot of laying around and dying for the weeks that followed.) This is why I am impressed that you have kept going strong without keeling over like me.

    That said: I vote for taking it easy and giving yourself a little down time. This will allow you to come back with the vengeance on your 20k day.

    But don’t listen to me. I am just a girl with a broken toe who hasn’t gone running all week and feels like a Manatee.

    1. how did you break your toe? too much wine on a Sunday night? 🙂

      Also, I bought a new grill yesterday, so if you’re around this weekend, you can come throw some meat on the barbie (not the barbie doll, that would be weird….) and we can drink more wine.

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