YAY! We Didn’t Die!

Yesterday JM & I went for a long run at Hagg Lake.

We really couldn’t have asked for better weather for a long run. We were (or at least I was) planning on about 13 miles.

The mileage chart said it was about 10.3-10.5 miles around the lake. We ran into a group of people just as we were hitting the trail, and a woman said, “oh – are you planning on running the whole 13 mile trail?” So it was going to be perfect.

And it was awesome. It was so beautiful, and just the right amound of challenging. It was muddy. There were so many flowers and birds and everyone we saw (even the road bikers we met when the trail led us onto the road for a bit) was super nice & friendly.

It really was just about perfect. We had to walk in a few places for safety (due to the mud & the steepness), but we were keeping a great pace. We hit 13 miles (according to JM’s Nike+) between 2:20 & 2:30 (I’m not 100% sure since my Garmin MOSTLY kept up, but not quite, and ended up being about 2.5 miles off by the end) which was pretty damn impressive, considering the terrain & the fact that on our 12 miler 2 weeks ago we did TWELVE miles in 2:20. I never stopped my Garmin unless we actually stopped moving (we did a couple times so I could stretch – I was feeling the previous day’s 7 mile trail run a little more than I wanted to).

At about mile 13.5, although we were both jubilant that we had both just surpassed the longest run either of us had ever done, we were a bit concerned that we couldn’t yet see the parking lot. At mile 14, we were getting a little sore & exhausted. At that point we realized that the 10.5ish mile loop was probably ON THE ROAD, which wasn’t quite as winding as the trail and that the lady who said the trail was 13 miles obviously was not sure what she was talking about. And then I had a memory – a memory that there was a 25K trail run at Hagg Lake in February. And 25K is more than 13 miles.

We headed up to the road at the next opportunity, even though it meant skipping out on some of the pretty, to shorten up the run. It didn’t take too long at that point to see the turn off to our parking spot, and then all positivity was restored.

I’m not sure what our actual run mileage was – I’m hoping Sarah will let me know – but I know that it was awesome!

ETA: Sarah’s Nike+ recorded 15.05 miles in 2:57 – average pace = 11:46. (DAMN good for the terrain & our ending exhaustion level. We are goddesses.)

We were pretty sore & hungry at the end – but I had a clif bar, and Sarah, in her infinite kindness & wisdom, had brought along a banana AND some of her peanut butter winnings, so before heading off, we sat on the ground to eat our post-run snacks & talk about how it was quite possibly the awesomest run EVER!

I took a picture of us, but it didn’t work 🙁

After leaving the lake, we were both still a little on the peckish side, so we stopped at a McMenamins for burgers & beer.

It was, quite possibly, one of the best runs I have ever been on. The scenery was beautiful, the trail & the people were awesome, it was hard & fun at the same time, and I felt strong until the end. We’ll go back in a couple months and be prepared for 15.5 miles, and I just know it will be even better at that point.

After two great trail runs in two days (and about 22 miles in 24 hours on the trails) I just couldn’t be happier!

I was sore, sore, sore last night – and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to move this morning. But, I’m actually fine today – very little soreness (and just in my ankles & hips, the parts that were getting the craziest workouts for balance), mostly my body is just tired. And hungry.

The architect did a 60 mile road ride yesterday, going from our place to Crown Point & back, so we were both hungry exhausted people last night.

Today is just a few chores (laundry, groceries) and then a continuation of some serious relaxation. This afternoon I think a walk will be order to keep my muscles limber…..

I hope you all are having just as good a weekend as me!

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