I’m Pretty Happy Today (even though it’s Monday)
I’m Pretty Happy Today (even though it’s Monday)

I’m Pretty Happy Today (even though it’s Monday)

The architect & I made a new deal (much like FDR’s New Deal – I’m sure you’ll see the similarities) that on Monday mornings, he will drive me to work and in exchange, I will no longer ask him to drive me to the gym at 6 AM.

So this morning, I got to be…leisurely. I got up about 7:20 or so, showered, and then made my lunch while the architect made me coffee to drink on the way to work (he’s trying to help me resist the coffee shops & triple-shots of espresso so I don’t feel like a crazy addict).

After I got to work, I started out my work day with a green smoothie.

(Please ignore the smoothie spots on the counter & the groceries that weren’t put in the pantry yet.)

I made my smoothie last night so that I wouldn’t be tempted to skip it this morning in case I was running low on time. It blended a lot better this time, so maybe I just didn’t put things in the right order last time. Today I had: baby carrots (about 5-6, I think), about 1/3 of a large bunch of spinach (can’t wait until my garden spinach is ready – maybe in another 3 weeks!), some grapes, some flax seed, and some frozen fruit (I think it was strawberries & pineapple) and about 1/3 cup of vanilla soy milk. Today the only “chewy” bits in my smoothie were a couple of strawberry chunks, and that was A-OK. It was sweet & delicious, although I couldn’t talk either the architect OR my office mate into trying it!

Between my smoothie & my mid-morning snack, I wasn’t even hungry when lunch rolled around, so delayed it until about 1.

I am still feeling really good post-15 miler. In fact, I’d say even better than good! I didn’t have any knee or shin pain at all during either of my trail runs, and the only soreness (other than a weird sharp hammering pain in the last 20 feet of the 15 miler that went away as soon as I stopped moving & never returned) is some muscle soreness which is completely gone now. I feel so strong! I was so worried about breaking the 13 mile barrier, since I had never gone that far before, and I am so pleased that I have now – and honestly, although I ready to be done at the end of that run, I know now that if I can go 15, I can go 18. And once I hit 18, really what is there to stop me? 🙂

Today I am debating between running my Wednesday easy 3 today or just waiting until Wednesday – since I didn’t bring any running clothes to work, I guess that might depend on what time I get out of here today!

My other big fitness news is that I have officially moved from week 2 to week 3 of the push-up challenge, and in my exhaustion test at the end of week 2, I cranked out 22. Which was actually less than I’d expected – but I did them Saturday morning before the long run – and the day after day 3 of the push-up challenge, where I maxed out at 20 – so maybe my arms were a wee bit tired from the previous afternoon’s 65 push-ups. 🙂  Tonight starts week 3 – a minimum of 72 push-ups will be happening tonight! My hanging is still just…hanging. But sometimes I feel that I’m almost moving.

And finally – a picture I took on my walk home from work Thursday afternoon (well, a walk from work to MAX, I’m not ready to commit 3-ish hours just for a WALK!

Isn’t this town beautiful?


  1. I did a few weeks of the push up challenge, then I think I got really busy with school. I need to start it up again…72 pushups is awesome!

    15 miles IS close to 18 miles…and once you hit 18, you might as well go for the m-word…are you thinking about a marathon at all??

    1. oh yeah – I was supposed to do the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll, but due to financial concerns (the architect is still unemployed – 5 months now), had to cancel the travel plans. Right now, I am thinking I will most likely do the Portland marathon (no travel involved there), but I will definitely run a marathon in 2009.

  2. Kristen

    I won’t knock it til I try it but I have to say I am with your husband and co-worker! Although, it is a tempting way to get a big serving of veggies.

    Great job with the push-ups! I suck at them.

    1. I was REALLY uncertain that I could stomach it – not that I thought the green smoothie drinkers who said they were tasty were actually LYING to me, I just thought maybe they had warped taste!

      But – they are actually good. I can’t taste the veggies at all, and today’s was even a bit sweet tasting.

    1. Thank you! I feel a lot more confident now (and pretty good about my upcoming half marathon in May – I think I’ll be PR-ing that one, too).

      As it gets closer to summer, PDX gets prettier & prettier (although spring with all the cherry trees in bloom is hard to beat) – I’m glad you’re getting to see the pretty as well as the winter crap!

  3. Oh, congrats on the 15 miler! I am inspired to try throwing some baby carrots into my morning smoothie. I’ll let you know how it goes. Is that Mt Hood? I’m missing the west coast lately.

    1. It is Mt. Hood – I can’t QUITE see it from my office window, but I do get to see it almost every day from work!

      I hope you like the carrots – I’m feeling so healthy. Oh – and a bit over-fibered. 🙂

  4. Alisa

    You’re going to rock marathon training when you start! I’m so glad you guys had such a great run.

    I haven’t tried anything but spinach as my “green” in the smoothie. I may have to try adding others. I do know that I cannot drink them in the morning…I’m a green smoothie afternoon person =).

    1. I used to drink fruit & protein powder smoothies every morning for breakfast – and they were awesome! I go through phases where I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning for 1-2 months, and then I move on to something else, so this will be good for now. Plus it makes me feel all virtuous to get so many fruits & veggies!

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