I Love Trail Running

Not a lot of time before heading off to Brew Review #3, but I did want to post a quick picture. I did a 7 mile trail run today (I meant to do 6, but I got carried away), and it was both muddy & awesome. Trail running is about 78% more fantastic than other runs – and today was no exception.

Happy Friday everyone!

10 responses to “I Love Trail Running

  1. Wheeee! Where did you go? Awesome.

    • I did a section of Wildwood off Germantown Rd. My 2009 goal is to run the entire length of Wildwood (although not all at once).

  2. Great job!! Have fun at Bridgeport (if I have my brew review calendar correct).

    • We did have a good time – and I did drink the Ropewalk, as you predicted! Not my favorite brewery, though! Brew Review Tuesday, I think!

  3. That sounds awesome!

    I must find a trail to run on!!!

    • I love that about Portland- almost everyone who lives here is within running distance to a trail; and those who aren’t are just a short DRIVE away.

  4. Looks like you had a good time!

    Have fun at dinner.

  5. Oh, that looks awesome!