I survived the whole week, which is good. It would’ve sucked if I’d died from work overload on Wednesday night.

And speaking of Wednesday night, I went to OMSI after dark with her & her & Mr. Pi & the architect. It was pretty cool. There were no kids! Score! Also , 2 free mini beer, free gelato samples, and free other tiny samples. Also a cash bar. That is my kind of museum place. The architect & I wandered off & got separated from the others, but we had a good time with the Da Vinci exhibit. It was pretty damn cool.

Last night, I went to the first class in my 10-week yoga series. I was a little afraid, as the instructor had made it pretty clear that it was for itermediate yogis & above, and I wasn’t sure that I was intermediate. It was a great class, though, for a few reasons. 1) It’s 1.5 blocks away from my house. 2) There were only six students (she teaches larger classes in the mornings & on weekends, but this series was limited participation for individual attention). 3) Individual attention – she was there to correct when anyone was doing something wrong, and that’s something I haven’t had in a while. 4) It was hard, but I never had to get into child’s pose – I did it all. AND I was the only one who did all three wheel poses for the requisite amount of time. Go me!

This morning, I was a wee bit sore.  But – I girded my loins & headed out for my 9 mile trail run. I went on a new section of Wildwood (my 2009 goal is to run the entire length of Wildwood trail – in sections, not all at once), and it was a bit hillier than the last section I ran on! I still managed to average 12 minute miles, which works for me on a trail. My last mile was 11:30, but some of the steeper middle miles were way slow. I love Wildwood ’cause even though I can’t get a sattelite, there are markers every 1/4 mile, so I just hit my lap button whenever I saw one. I didn’t see them all, but I saw enough to get a fairly good idea of my pace.

However, I got a little carried away & accidentally ran 10 miles instead of 9. My legs are so tired now! Not 15 mile Hagg Lake tired, but pretty exhausted.

(This is pretty enough to distract anyone into running 10 miles, I think!)

Fortunately, it is nearly time for Brew Review #4, and then I can replenish my system with beer!

Happy weekend everyone!

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