Almost done with the ACK!

Day four of ACK! watch, but day four (of four) is about half over.

Tonight I start my new 10-week yoga series.

Tomorrow I run many miles on a trail.

Saturday I hike with the architect.

Sunday long run with her & her.

I am so looking forward to the ACK! being over. In about 4 hours.

6 responses to “Almost done with the ACK!

  1. Love yoga, hate ack. Hope you’re back to non-ack soon!

  2. ACK?

  3. yes it’s friday. enjoy the day off. and tell erika i miss her on sunday, we haven’t heard anything from her in so long@!

    enjoy your weekend. i’m actually going to plant something in the garden!

  4. sadly, i’m going to have ACK most of the weekend, as my boss dumped a bunch of work on me yesterday that i need to have ready by monday afternoon. ACK!

  5. Yay! Just pretend you’re finishing a race. 🙂

  6. Is ACK code for work?

    HAVE FUN GR!! RUN ON!!!! AND ON!!!