(Almost) Finish Line Photo!

This is right before the finish line at Sunday’s 10K. My official finish time was 59:25 (a 2 minute 18 second PR over last year’s finish), and that is an average pace of approx. 9:33. I’ll take it! Yay!

Photo Credit: Emily – who took the best running photo of me that currently exists! YAY!

13 responses to “(Almost) Finish Line Photo!

  1. Yay! But you are the one that deserves all the credit!

  2. Awesome race picture…Looking right at the camera!

    Congrats on the PR!

  3. Sooo cute! Too bad the one I took is just your foot!

  4. You look SO happy!!!

  5. Great photo GR!

    You look so happy!!!

  6. How do you look so CUTE?! By that time I would be a hot mess.

  7. It looks like your telling a joke here; right at the punch line you turn to the camera and say…

    • Bah.. *you’re*.. One day I am going to test the limits of your commenting system and see all the different colors it makes.

  8. Cute pic of you!

  9. awesome pic!

  10. great pic, fantastic PR! nice job, sis. looking good.

  11. awesome pic!!!! love the huge smile 🙂

  12. Awesome!!