More busy! More Ack
More busy! More Ack

More busy! More Ack

Track workout wasn’t so much a track workout last night. Except that it happened on a track. I didn’t do speed work, but that’s a whole ‘nother post.

But, since I don’t have shoes, I do, at least, have a link to a contest. Go here & enter to win the exercise anywhere cards. Actually, don’t go there & enter to win. That might lower my chances of winning. Just go there & read about the awesomeness of Aron & leave without commenting on that particular blog entry. Thanks.

Today is also busy. If I have to put out any more fires, I’m going to start wearing rubber boots & a silly hat & making hose jokes. Am glad that I once again have plans tonight that will pull me away from the office.

Only one more day after today for this week. It’s going to be an awesome weekend. Less heat, but just as much sun – sounds perfect to me!


  1. ack! no track workout? wth? this “busy” crap is for the birds. so is all of this pollen. i’m dying to get in the garden and on the bike, and the pollen knocks me out before i can get either one organized.

    1. My new workout policy is to avoid anything that is ridiculously painful – so no crazy speedwork, just a 5 mile run.

      I’m still on track for my 100 mile month, so all is good!

    1. I’m just an idiot. I occasionally get BAD shin-splinty pain. Which I know how to prevent. I just am either lazy and/or stupid, and don’t take proper precautions. If I had iced & stretched post race on Sunday, iced & stretched on Monday, I would’ve been fine last night, but now I’m having to recover rather than prevent, and that is just stupid. BAH!

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